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Social Anxiety Disorder and Alcohol Use: “I’m SAD! I need a drink!

Being sad is one thing, but suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a totally different ball game. This is the same way that “wanting” a drink differs from “needing” a drink. When joined with problem drinking, this forms a lethal combination... Read More

The Myth of Drugs and Creativity: Mental Illness’ Role in the Using Artist

painter-wine_131431319.jpg The writer sits at his table, a drink in hand and ready for the downing. The painter stands at her canvas, having recently smoked a bliff, and contemplates the pigments on the surface of her latest work. The... Read More

How Worried About Fentanyl Should You Be?

pills-question_161048585.jpg If you had never heard about fentanyl before the results of Prince’s autopsy were revealed, you are not alone. The drug has been around for more than 30 years, but has managed to fly below the radar of most... Read More

Does Mandatory Addiction Treatment Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the United States has evolved considerably in the last 50 years. Our nation has slowly moved away from the philosophy of incarcerating people with addictions to providing treatment. While it has been shown... Read More

Prince Dies from Fentanyl Overdose

Prince is Latest and Greatest to Succumb to Fentanyl’s Grip prince-at-coachella.jpg When Prince Rogers Nelson (better known as Prince) died suddenly on April 21 at the age of 57, his passing was met with a lot of grief, sadness,... Read More

What is W-18? Is Your Loved One Using It?

10000_times_stronger_than_morphine_copy.jpg A new synthetic pill has crept its way into the drug market and has many fearful of the potential dangers and others skeptical of its exact nature. W-18 is said to be 10,000 times stronger... Read More

Are Depression and Social Media Usage Linked?

social-media.jpg The rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others has changed the world we live in forever. People are now more connected than ever before and can personalize an online presence,... Read More

Substance Abuse on the Rise with Baby Boomers

Overlooking a Growing Dilemma Substance abuse, particularly of alcohol and prescription drugs, among baby boomers is one of the fastest growing health issues facing our country. Yet, even as the number of older adults suffering from these disorders... Read More

The Tragedy of Opioid Addicted Babies

every-19-minutes-addicted-baby-is-born.jpg If there’s anything more heartbreaking than the opioid and heroin addiction epidemic wreaking havoc on men and women across America, it’s the drug addicted babies who are born as a result. It... Read More

10 Post Rehab Tips to Help You Maintain Sobriety

So you were lucky enough to have the right insurance, or out of pocket money, to pay for 30, 60, or 90 days of inpatient addiction treatment and after successfully completing your rehab you are eager to begin your new life in recovery.  Even with... Read More

Alcohol Still One of The Nation’s Deadliest Drugs

88000-deaths.png While much of the national discussion about substance abuse and addiction has been focused on the rising death tolls surrounding prescription opioids and heroin use, alcohol-induced deaths remain perched near the top.... Read More

Obama and Clintons Continue to Take Action Against Addiction

President Asks for More Funds, Clintons Want More Naloxone skyrocketed_111178958-01.jpg The rising death toll and growing health crisis of opioid and heroin addiction are not lost on President Barack Obama nor on Democratic presidential... Read More

Jeb Bush: A Daughter’s Drug Addiction Leads to a Father’s Strategy

Addiction Crosses All Barriers, All Lines, All Races, All Incomes With a lineage that consists of two U. S. presidents, a U.S. senator, two governors, president of major industrial manufacturer and several successful businessmen, one would not... Read More

Bernie Sanders Seeks to Change Perception of Addiction

Treating Drug Addiction: Incarceration or Rehabiliation As the U.S. opioid epidemic continues to spiral out of control, presidential candidates have continuously been barraged on the campaign trail with questions about how to handle the drug... Read More

Don’t Gamble with Your Sobriety on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday brings the opportunity to combine two favorite pastimes: football and excessive drinking.The big game is rapidly approaching and plans are being made for which drinking game will be used. Will this be the year of “Every time Peyton... Read More

Get Your Loved One On The Road To Recovery in 2016

Do you have a loved one who is falling deeper and deeper into drug or alcohol addiction? As another new year starts you have probably made your resolutions on ways to change your life for the better. While you are thinking about your resolutions to... Read More

Public Health Warning about Heroin Laced with Fentanyl Causing OD

Public Health Warning FENTANYL AND HEROIN’S FATAL EFFECTS fentanyl_and_heroin.jpg American society has been in a devastating tailspin due to the substance abuse epidemic. Both urban and suburban communities have become war zones in the... Read More

Excess and Access: The Continued Struggle of the American Addict to Find Treatment

It is no longer any secret or surprise that the United States is in the midst of a fierce and desperate drug addiction epidemic. Nearly 44,000 people are killed by overdoses each year[1], accounting for over 100 people per day and making the problem... Read More

What 'Mad Men' Taught Us about Substance Abuse in the 1960s

After eight years of critical success, and having left its mark on television history, AMC’s 1960s advertising drama “Mad Men” is finally coming to a close. Throughout the show’s chaotic yet singularly-focused narrative, the audience saw a copious... Read More

The Relationship between Bullying and Substance Abuse

Despite widespread institutional efforts, including initiatives on both the federal and local levels, bullying continues to plague schools and even adult environments all over the country. The unfortunate reality is that most bullies aren’t mature... Read More

Hydrocodone the Most Prescribed Drug under Medicare

As American adults get older, they become increasingly vulnerable to substance abuse and addiction. Baby boomers are quickly becoming senior citizens, making this particular population the fastest-growing group in the country[1]. For many who are... Read More

Flakka: The New Deadly Designer Drug on the Block

It seems like every year there is a new designer drug threatening the lives and health of our children. The past few years have seen the widespread embrace by teenagers, adolescents and young adults of drugs molly[1], bath salts[2], spice[3] and ... Read More

Day One: The Importance of Aftercare in Addiction Treatment

The Long Road Ahead With first-year relapse rates as high as 85%[1], aftercare has never been more important to the recovery process. The more we come to understand about addiction, the more we see that patients of prolonged addiction struggle to... Read More

A Stranger in the House: The True Impact of Addiction on the Family

Ohio-based overdose prevention organization Project DAWN[1] (Death Avoidance with Narcan) has begun hosting a class that teaches families of those vulnerable to opioid overdose to use the potentially life-saving drug Narcan.  Narcan itself is a pure... Read More

Problem Gambling Awareness Month Comes to a Close

March was Problem Gambling Awareness Month[1], an event established by the National Council on Problem Gambling[2] in an effort to promote awareness and education regarding the issue of gambling addiction. At its core, Problem Gambling Awareness... Read More

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Benefits of Prescription Painkillers

For the past three decades we’ve been hearing a considerable amount regarding the dangers of prescription opioids. Whether one is a staunch advocate for their clinical use, a hardline objector to their widespread distribution or lies somewhere in... Read More

7 Signs of a Quality Addiction Treatment Facility

Individuals impacted by substance abuse often face a dilemma when seeking treatment: practical convenience versus quality. Whether they’re examining treatment options for themselves or a loved one, they face an enormous amount of pressure to select... Read More

BHOPB’s Susan Naversen and Dick DiGregorio Discuss Gambling Addiction on the Radio

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches addiction care specialists Susan Naversen and Dick Gregorio recently appeared on the radio to discuss the prevalence and real-life dangers of gambling addiction, as well as BHOPB’s commitment to helping treat... Read More

Fentanyl: America's Newest Addiction Threat

The already drug-plagued Garden State has discovered a new and deadly roadblock in its ongoing struggle to curb addiction and substance abuse: fentanyl. A powerful prescription opioid, which is available in doses up to 50 times more powerful than... Read More

What Is Behind Rising Heroin Fatalities in Florida and US?

Counties throughout the state of Florida continue to contend with heroin addiction. Orange County recently reported a 40 percent increase in heroin-related fatalities in 2014, representing 36 deaths in one year for the region. This is just one... Read More

DEA Conducts Surprise Inspections of NFL Teams

On Sunday, November 16, 2014 officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency met the medical staff of at least three NFL teams (the Seattle Seahawks, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers) for surprise inspections after their games.[1] The... Read More

Controversial Proposition 47 Creating Big Changes in California

man_handcuffed_over_drugs.jpg On November 4, 2014, voters of California passed a landmark piece of legislation that has already had dramatic effects on the landscape of the state’s legal system, and could have even farther reaching... Read More

National Recovery Month Mobilizes Nation

Promoting Addiction Awareness and Education  The 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month has compelled communities all over the country to take a more active role in understanding addiction recovery and work toward curbing substance abuse in... Read More

ADD/ADHD Medication Use on the Rise Again

adhd_sign_and_steth.jpg A recent telephone survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that 20 percent of all high school boys’ parents have been told they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With... Read More

Robin Williams: Addiction and Mental Illness Know No Bounds

On August 11, 2014, the world said goodbye to acclaimed actor-comedian Robin Williams. The 63-year-old Williams was discovered by authorities in his California home, unresponsive at approximately 11:55 a.m. The assumed cause of death is suicide by... Read More

FDA Approves Oxycodone Drug with Abuse-Deterrent Capabilities

In an effort counteract rampant, nationwide prescription drug abuse, the Food and Drug Administration has announced approval of a new extended-release form of oxycodone. The new pill is called Targiniq ER, and was developed with an abuse-deterrent... Read More

Increased Prescription Drug Abuse among Florida Seniors

A recent article on highlights the continuing uphill battle faced by Florida to keep its senior citizen population safe from prescription drug addiction. Despite rampant statewide reforms and national influence, the number of... Read More

Dr. Meg Givnish Talks Psychodrama Therapy on WFTL’s Joyce Kaufman Show

Mental health pioneer and BHOPB psychologist, Dr. Meg Givnish recently appeared on 850 WFTL’s Joyce Kaufman Show to discuss the evolution, practice and benefits of psychodrama therapy. During the interview, Dr. Givnish spoke at length about the... Read More

Police Arrest Hundreds in North Jersey Heroin Crackdown

In one of the largest and most highly publicized drug busts in New Jersey history, authorities have arrested over 300 people for their connection with North Jersey’s heroin trade. The announcement of the arrests was made at a press conference on... Read More

Warning Signs of Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth addiction is one of the most pervasive substance abuse threats in the country. Not only has it led to the fatal or nearly fatal overdoses of thousands of victims; it has also degraded communities everywhere and led to a dramatic... Read More

Heroin Addiction Rising Amid Pill Mill Crackdown

Almost as soon as Florida gained control of their rampant prescription drug addiction problem, a new yet similar problem has surfaced: heroin. Many are speculating that this correlates to the statewide crackdown on unscrupulous pain management... Read More

New Federal Commentary Calls for Expanded Use of Medication to Counter Prescription Overdose

Agencies Respond to Rampant Prescription-Related Deaths Several public health agencies have collaborated on an institutional response to the alarmingly high rate of prescription overdose-related deaths around the country. One of the key components... Read More

Warning Signs of Molly Addiction

What You Need to Know about Molly Unique in its lack of predictability, Molly is a pure form of MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine), akin to the wildly popular club drug ecstasy. A preferred drug within nightclub culture and other environments... Read More

New Research Links Diet Quality to Mental Health

What You Eat Can Impact Your Mental State A recent article revealed that researchers are making encouraging strides toward identifying a clear relationship between diet and mental health. The piece discusses the case of a woman... Read More

SAMHSA Announces Good News about Americans' Behavioral Health

Nation's Mental Health Improving With constant news reports about the horrifying illegal drug epidemics supposedly dooming the country, the latest release from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) comes as a breath... Read More

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Another Life Claimed by America’s Heroin Epidemic

Philip_Seymour_Hoffman_2011.jpg Another Reminder of Heroin's Addictive Power The tragic death of legendary actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has brought international attention to America’s current struggle with heroin and opioid abuse.... Read More

Synthetic Cannabinoids Cause New Outbreak of ER Visits

New Synthetic Drugs Poisoning Users A recent letter to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine from a group of doctors in Colorado discusses a troublesome finding: the more than 250 poisoning cases caused by a new synthetic cannabinoid... Read More

Warning Signs of Bath Salt Addiction

Warning Signs of Bath Salt Addiction In the late 2000s, two kinds of drugs arrived on American shores in innocuous, street-legal packaging. By 2011, these drugs had claimed dozens of lives and sent thousands more to emergency rooms all across the... Read More

Federal Government Takes New, Progressive Stance on Addiction: Aims to Reduce Stigma

In December of 2013, the White House held its first-ever summit on drug policy reform, with speakers discussing the need to change the language we use in reference to addiction. Dr. John Kelly, of both Harvard and the new Recovery Research Institute... Read More

Warning Signs of Benzo Addiction

“Benzodiazepine” is not a word that is particularly common in the news. It has too many syllables and seems too scientific to be threatening. But as America becomes the most heavily medicated nation in the world, we are all becoming increasingly... Read More

Cocaine Addiction: Signs & Symptoms of Cocaine Abuse

Unlike many other popular recreational drugs, such as heroin, cocaine does not cause a severe physiological dependence in the user. In fact, studies show that across large samples the addiction rate for cocaine use is far lower than that of opioids... Read More

What Obamacare Means for Addiction Treatment

Questions Continue Regarding Healthcare Reform Since the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare,” many individuals have been unsure as to how their access to addiction treatment would be affected. As... Read More

Heroin Addiction Might Damage Brain DNA

Startling New Findings on Heroin's Impact on the BrainAt a recent Society for Neuroscience meeting, a team of researchers led by Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dr. Yasmin Hurd presented study findings indicating that extended use of heroin warps the brain... Read More

Dr. Baxter Testifies before NJ State Senate on Prevention, Treatment and Recovery from Opiate Addiction

Dr. Baxter Testifies before NJ State Senate on Prevention, Treatment and Recovery from Opiate Addiction Leading addiction care expert and Consulting Medical Director the BHOPB Professional Athletes’ Program, Dr. Louis E Baxter, MD, FASAM  was... Read More

Warning Signs of Heroin Addiction

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 9.2 million people worldwide who use heroin regularly. While this number is relatively low in comparison to the billions of people in the general population, worldwide production of the drug has... Read More

Authorities Wary as Designer Drug "Krokodil" Appears on American Streets

The Bizarre and Tragic Effects of Krokodil Time magazine calls it “the most horrifying drug in the world.” Its name comes from the gangrenous scales that appear on the skin of its users – before the skin begins to decay. It’s more addictive than... Read More

Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction man_drinking_alone_on_bed.jpg Alcoholism can be insidious in how it affects not only the life of the alcoholic, but the lives of their friends and family. Sometimes an alcoholic can function for years... Read More

Warning Signs of Pain Medication Addiction

The rate of pain medication prescription in the United States is at an all-time high right now, and unfortunately the sheer volume of addictive painkillers available means many people – intentionally or otherwise – are becoming dependent on these... Read More

Dr. Louis Baxter Voices Concerns on Medical Marijuana

Dr. Louis Bax medical_marijuana_in_a_jar.jpg ter, President and Executive Medical Director of the Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey and former President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, recently spoke out with his... Read More

We Need More Accountable Rehab Programs

The tragic death of “Glee” star Cory Monteith in 2013 revitalized the seemingly constant debate about addiction and the efficacy of rehab centers, especially for celebrities. Several high-profile individuals such as Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan... Read More

UCSF Scientists Find Possible Trigger for Alcoholism

A recent study at the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center at the University of California at San Francisco has potentially identified the brain pathway that may be one of the root neurological causes of alcoholism. The researchers hope that this... Read More