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Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches also known as the Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies has been one of the nation’s leading behavioral healthcare centers for over 20 years. Located in South Florida, we offer expert treatment, support, advocacy, and assistance to patients suffering from any drug and alcohol addiction. We also specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and develop our cutting-edge treatment programs using evidence-based best practices for the best care possible for our patients. Our behavioral health rehab in Palm Beach is dedicated to helping each and every patient overcome substance abuse and improve their mental health at the same time so that they can live a healthy life in sobriety.

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Addiction Treatment in Lake Worth, FL

Our Florida behavioral health center is one of the only related organizations in the world that conducts its own drug and alcohol addiction research. For this reason, our clinical treatment incorporates the latest evidence-based practices in the industry.

Long-term sobriety is the ultimate goal for our patients, their families, and our addiction care specialists. At our South Florida center for alcohol and drug treatment, we rely on our in-house team of researchers to determine the best possible treatment options with the highest success rates available. Everything offered at any of our treatment facilities has been thoroughly researched and tested for efficacy, meaning you can trust us.

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Individualized Treatment Programs

Addiction Treatment Programs Palm Beach


We provide a multitude of treatment therapies coupled with group and individual counseling. These therapies allow patients to identify and address the root of their substance abuse issues. Whether someone is struggling with alcohol or drugs, we understand that addiction is different for everyone. For this reason, we offer programs and treatment plans that cater to a patient’s individual needs and to help get them on the path towards long-term success.

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detox addiction program


We are fully equipped to handle the medical detox and inpatient treatment process for many commonly abused substances. Our drug detox programs in Palm Beach are designed to help patients begin their recovery journey on a strong note.

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As part of our South Florida behavioral healthcare program, our family centered approach to addiction treatment focuses on the connection between our loved ones as a basis for healing. This approach strengthens patients on multiple levels and helps them to avoid relapse. They will also be given the tools they need to build a fulfilling and meaningful drug-free life. This care provides comprehensive healing and shows patients a new perspective on life in relation to family.

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mental health programs palm beach


These programs are designed to help patients identify and manage mental illness without turning to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Identifying an underlying mental illness is often the critical first step in addressing substance abuse for many of our patients. Our behavioral health programs in Palm Beach help people manage their daily symptoms for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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In our many years of experience treating substance abuse, we have learned that a strong and healthy community is paramount to continued sobriety.  Our Alumni Program will help you navigate life’s hurdles and having a healthy support network is an integral key to continued success.

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spiritual treatment programs palm beach


Faith and spirituality are a primary source of strength for many patients in recovery from substance abuse. We offer both faith-based and non-denominational spiritual programs that connect individuals in recovery with the idea of a higher power and use techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, and prayer. Spirituality can guide people on the right path towards healing when times are challenging.

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We pride ourselves on discretion, so your information is always 100% confidential.

BHOPB Reviews

I often think about all of the staff there at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches that have helped me on my journey to recovery from both addiction and alcohol abuse. I can never thank you all enough and I will never forget how you guys helped me!

JessicaAthens, GA

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches saved my life. I had completely lost myself and my daughter. I needed to learn more about my addiction and BHOPB educated me on so much. It was the compassion and caring which made the difference.

BrianPhoenix, AZ

When I first got down to BHOPB, I was scared, sick, and traumatized from the death of my husband. The staff treated me with dignity, courtesy, and made me feel like a human being instead of an addict. I could not have asked for a better facility!

BarbCharleston, SC

Detox Programs

We are fully equipped to handle the medical detox and inpatient treatment process for many commonly abused substances.

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We pride ourselves on discretion, so your information is always 100% confidential.