Young Adult Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Young adults face an inordinate number of pressures and challenges these days. The expectations to grow up, succeed, fit in, and even to find their general place in the world affect young adults in ways they don’t even realize. Whether they’re struggling to put their past habits behind them or struggling with the new obstacles and responsibilities of adulthood, young adults very often use drugs and alcohol to cope with mental illness. Our young adult alcohol and drug rehab program helps young men and women, ages 18 to 24, pursue lasting recovery from drugs and/or alcohol while overcoming their complex and often interconnected mental disorders.1

Specialized Young Adult Alcohol and Drug Rehab

During the past decade, juvenile prescription abuse has skyrocketed while underage drinking and illicit drug use remain a serious public health concern.2 Very often, a casual and ill-advised flirtation with drugs and alcohol during one’s adolescence becomes a crippling and deadly addiction in their adulthood. Our customized program provides a safe, sensitive, and supportive environment in which mental health professionals address the complex and unique problems faced by young adults through in-depth group and individual counseling. Strong emphasis is placed on group therapy to facilitate sharing, disclosure, and peer support. The program also focuses on rewards-based recreational activities which help to establish relationships between patients, building their trust and confidence while realigning their perception of drug and alcohol abuse.

A Clear Plan for Lasting Wellness

In our modern social reality, young adults will almost always encounter alcohol and, to a lesser extent, drugs within their circle of friends or elsewhere in life. This is why we place such a strong emphasis on changing patients’ behavioral habits and giving young men and women the strength and confidence they need to apply the principles they learned in treatment to their everyday lives. Patients leave with a personalized recovery plan that helps them to avoid relapse and stay committed to their recovery. This often includes removing oneself from potentially dangerous situations and avoiding stress that could trigger a relapse.

An integral part of young adult alcohol and drug rehab is giving patients the tools they need to stay sober and take full advantage of their future. Our drug rehab in Palm Beach offers patients a new way of life and teaches them to live without the need for drugs and alcohol. We encourage family involvement and connect patients to post-treatment resources, such as mental health professionals and support groups.

Rehab Today to Give Your Child a Chance for a Sober Tomorrow

As a parent or loved one of an addicted young adult, it’s important to focus on the “now,” not the “then.” Young people gravitate to drugs and alcohol for numerous reasons, and it’s often no reflection on the love or discipline they had in their lives. There is, however, only one way to ensure that addiction doesn’t ruin another day of their lives: quality professional rehab that addresses their unique care needs and offers compassionate, firm guidance toward sobriety and mental health.

Adolescent drug abuse can significantly damage a person’s life, both socially and professionally. Put a stop to drug and alcohol addiction before it’s too late, using our young adult alcohol and drug rehab program. Contact us now for more details on how to help your loved one break free from addiction.

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