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Heroin Rehab in Florida

It is a sad fact that few in need of recovery from a substance use disorder actually get the help they need. Quality heroin addiction treatment begins with the selection of a licensed facility with an established reputation for achieving high success rates. At our Lake Worth drug rehab, we offer individualized addiction recovery services that account for the physical, mental, and spiritual damage left in the wake of years of heroin abuse. Our facility is designed to help all who struggle with this disease fully overcome it and start over.

Facts About Heroin

Heroin is a type of opioid that’s made from morphine, making it extremely dangerous and highly addictive. As the opioid epidemic continues to unfold, heroin addiction has grown to be one of the worst health crises in the history of the United States. In 2018, the number of heroin-related overdose deaths was seven times higher than it was in 1999, with nearly a third of all opioid deaths involving heroin.1

From urban street corners to rural farms and suburban neighborhoods, the scourge of this addiction has caused untold damage to millions of American families. The problem has only been worsening since the turn of the century, as individuals moved from opioid painkiller addictions to heroin abuse because of affordability and availability.

Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

Heroin is an extremely addictive drug due to its effects on the brain’s reward system. When someone takes this drug, it quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier and is converted into morphine. Morphine then binds to opioid receptors in the brain, which are responsible for regulating pain and feelings of pleasure. This results in a flood of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, being released into the brain. The surge of dopamine creates an intense rush of euphoria and a sense of well-being that is highly addictive.

Repeated use can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Over time, the brain’s reward system becomes less responsive to natural rewards like food, sex, and social interaction, and instead becomes increasingly reliant on heroin to release dopamine. This leads to cravings and compulsive drug-seeking behavior, even in the face of negative consequences like the loss of relationships, employment, and physical health. Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms can be excruciatingly painful and unpleasant, making it difficult for individuals to stop using the drug even if they want to. In summary, heroin’s ability to hijack the brain’s reward system and create a cycle of dependence and craving is what makes it so addictive.

Heroin Addiction Symptoms

Similar to other opiates like fentanyl, heroin has a high potential for abuse. It attacks the brain’s limbic system, taking over its reward system and ability to manage pain. As the addiction worsens, users may begin to show signs of heroin abuse, including:

  • Drug paraphernalia (needles, foil, spoons, metal pipes, belts)
  • Needle tracks or markings on their arms or legs
  • Confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Itching
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Irritability
  • Loss of consciousness

Heroin addiction may also cause behavioral changes. The individual may lose interest in hobbies or things they once enjoyed. They may also be more secretive and will begin to isolate themselves from others. A person who abuses drugs may also turn to theft to feed their addiction. Heroin is an extremely manipulative substance, taking a mental and physical hold over a person that may only be broken through the intervention of trained recovery professionals.

More Than Just Heroin Detox

Effective addiction care includes a heroin withdrawal treatment at the BHOPB detox center, which aims to limit and treat uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms. It also requires an in-depth examination of mental and physical health and an individualized course of care that meets an addict’s specific recovery needs. In many cases, people seeking treatment for heroin addiction may also require psychological counseling, life skills training, nutritional guidance, and a wealth of holistic treatment for drug addiction that can begin reversing the damage caused by the abuse.

One of the most critical errors made by low-quality heroin treatment centers and individuals attempting to self-rehab is focusing solely on detoxification. Although a medical detox is necessary to help patients safely recover from withdrawal symptoms, only focusing on detoxing from heroin is ineffective. While detoxing the body from drugs is an essential first step in recovery, it only addresses the physical aspects of addiction. At our Banyan Lake Worth rehab, we guide our patients into the next phase of the rehabilitation process following the completion of a medically monitored detox.

Our heroin addiction help includes:

  • Medically-Supervised Detox
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Physiological Therapies
  • Group Therapies
  • Activity-Based Therapies
  • Animal-Assisted Therapies
  • Addiction Education
  • Family Programs
  • 24-Hour Medical Care
  • Relapse Prevention Services
  • Extensive Aftercare Services

Choose Our Heroin Rehab Center

Heroin abuse destroys marriages, breaks up families, ends careers, leads to financial ruin, and all too often ends in overdose or even death. If you or a loved one is struggling with such an addiction, it is imperative that you seek help immediately. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a scenic and accredited South Florida addiction facility that is committed to the health and well-being of its patients.

Our dedicated staff of trained and licensed professionals strives to create a safe and comfortable environment where our clients can receive effective addiction treatment. We guide our patients’ journeys from addiction to recovery, overseeing every step of the process. Patients can transition from rehab to everyday life with the tools needed to sustain their sobriety. Without our help, the heroin addiction treatment process may be more difficult and sobriety less likely.

Contact us today and get the help you need to begin reclaiming control of your life. It could be the best decision you ever make for yourself or someone close to you.


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