12-Step Program

12-Step Program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

The 12-Step Program was first introduced in The Big Book by Alcoholics Anonymous. This 12-step model was originally used in alcohol addiction treatment to specifically treat the root problems of this substance abuse disorder. Fortunately, the 12-Step Program has expanded to treat various forms of substance abuse. The creators of the 12-Step model of addiction treatment, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith, believed that long-lasting sobriety was only possible when these steps were completed. Because the program has been successful in treating numerous addicts, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach is offering a 12-Step Program to help patients meet their recovery goals.

Our 12-Step Program for Addiction Recovery in Florida

Our structured, yet adaptable 12-Step Program at BHOPB is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each patient. The purpose of this program is to help patients progress through the stages of their recovery while discovering ways to cope with addiction cravings that work for them. Each individual’s experience with drug and alcohol dependence is different and that’s why we offer unique forms of addiction treatment in Lake Worth, like our 12-Step model of treatment, to help patients get sober and stay sober.

Prior to our 12-Step Program and other rehab programs, most patients undergo a medically monitored detox. This treatment offers medical assistance and 24-hour supervision to patients who are undergoing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our medical staff leads these treatments and administers medication and other forms of care as required. Medical detox is a crucial first step to the recovery process because it mitigates patients’ withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings, helping them begin their formal treatment with a clean slate.

After detox, patients can then move on to one of our levels of care, such as our residential addiction treatment. Our residential rehab program is a form of inpatient treatment that requires patients to live at our facility for 28 days. While in this program, patients will be able to enjoy the various amenities our facility has to offer, as well as individual and group therapy sessions. The 12-Step Program is also incorporated in this phase of recovery. Residential treatment separates patients from distractions and temptations that may exist in their homes, allowing them to focus on their sobriety.

12-Step Program for Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach

Addiction recovery is unique to each individual and everyone progresses through the 12 steps at a different pace. In order to help each of our clients successfully complete their rehab programs, our team of experts will work with them individually and in group settings to ensure they have the guidance and support they need. If necessary, our team members will work with the client to adapt the 12 steps to meet their needs. Once our 12-Step Program for recovery from addiction is complete, clients should feel more motivated to continue their treatment and confident about the idea of sustaining an addiction-free life.

The effects of drug addiction on family members and the individual are extensive. Our individualized treatment programs in Palm Beach are designed to help patients achieve sobriety and stay sober long after they’ve completed their treatment at our facility. We want to ensure that patients learn the source of their addiction and learn relapse prevention strategies they can utilize in their lives after rehab. The 12-Step Program is just one method of addiction treatment we offer at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. If you want more information about our facility and programs for yourself or someone else, contact us now.

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