Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Palm Beach

Addiction is often not just the result of senseless or experimental drug use. In many cases, people have deliberate reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol, and quickly become addicted. In these cases, a co-occurring disorder may be present. If this sounds familiar, our dual diagnosis rehab in Palm Beach is here to help.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

A co-occurring disorder is when both a substance use disorder and mental health disorder are present simultaneously. A dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is common among people who turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the symptoms of their mental illness, as well as among people who have developed mental health disorders from long-term substance abuse.

It has been reported that over 20 million Americans suffer from some sort of mood disorder whether or not they are aware of it.1 Unfortunately, many of these people will turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, but the result is often the development of an addiction.

If left untreated, a vicious cycle of poor mental health and life-threatening addiction forms. That’s where our dual diagnosis rehab comes in.

A rehab for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders offers individualized treatment programs for each condition. For instance, a person with co-occurring anxiety and alcoholism may require both alcohol detox and anxiety treatment to recover from these conditions.

Considering how multidimensional each of these disorders is, people suffering from both afflictions should seek out dual diagnosis treatment programs to see true progress and move forward.

The Importance of Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Over half of those battling drug abuse suffer from at least one form of mental illness, as well as nearly 40% of all alcoholics. Dual diagnosis treatment centers ensure that patients not only get help for their addictions, but also for the underlying stressors and disorders that trigger them.

The primary goal of our dual diagnosis rehab program is to empower patients to address their mental disorders without having to turn to drugs and alcohol. Treatment programs that just focus on the patient’s immediate addiction are setting them up to relapse because they fail to address why they started using these substances in the first place.

The result will be the continuation of this dangerous cycle of mental health problems and substance abuse. The best way to ensure long-term sobriety, as well as mental health progress, is with our outpatient and residential dual diagnosis treatment.

What Our Florida Dual Diagnosis Rehab Offers

At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach, we believe in treating the whole patient. Because co-occurring disorders directly affect and exacerbate one another, it has always been our practice to treat them with equal importance.

One of the more difficult parts of treating these patients is knowing which symptoms belong to what disorder. Before we begin co-occurring disorder treatment, all of our patients are assessed by a clinical psychiatrist and an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) when they arrive.

This psychological assessment allows us to create a treatment plan that takes all their problems into account, even mental health problems that they may not have been aware of. Once the assessment is complete, patients will be placed in the appropriate level of care.

The first step of our Florida dual diagnosis treatment is typically a medically monitored detox to deplete their body’s dependence on drugs or alcohol. The next step involves addressing the secondary issues related to their substance abuse as well as their mental health problems that are contributing to their addiction.

We offer expert mental health treatment programs in Palm Beach for people with various conditions, including care for common mood disorders like depression and anxiety. To do this effectively, our customized dual diagnosis rehab programs incorporate innovative specialized therapies and expert care from dedicated professionals who are specially trained in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and rehabilitation.

During dual diagnosis residential treatment, some of the treatment therapy programs our co-occurring patients will undergo include:

  • 12-Steps
  • Activity Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Light and Sound Neurotherapy (LSN)
  • Meditation
  • Neurofeedback
  • & More


Medication may also be administered during anxiety and depression treatment to help patients manage their symptoms.

infographic explaining what Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment is and how it is used to treat patients suffering from both addiction and mental health problems at the same time

How to Get Dual Diagnosis Help

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we strongly believe that for patients to experience lasting recovery, they must be treated for the mental illness that has contributed to substance abuse. Because of this, our Florida dual diagnosis treatment programs help our patients attack all aspects of their addiction and heal the destruction that it has left behind.

It is the goal of our mental health and addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach to give our patients the tools they need to create better futures. To learn more about our services, contact BHOPB today.


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