Music Production Therapy

Music Therapy in Palm Beach

Anyone who has ever had a favorite song or felt moved by a musical performance can attest first-hand to the power of music. For many, a song has the ability to change their mood in a matter of minutes. For others, playing an instrument is a creative outlet. Regardless of the exact setting, in many cases, music can be therapeutic.

Music therapy is a special form of expressive art therapy that uses music and music-based activities to help people heal in various ways. According to research, there are several benefits of music therapy including reducing stress, treating pain, improving emotional regulation, enhancing interpersonal communication, improving auditory processing, decreasing loneliness, and in some cases even improving sleep.1 Because of these many benefits, music therapy can be used to treat a variety of ailments, including certain mental health disorders and addiction.


Music Therapy for Mental Health & Substance Abuse

As a holistic treatment center in Lake Worth, we understand that recovery from a behavioral health problem takes time and there are many different pathways to success. For people struggling with mental health disorders or in recovery from addiction, music therapy programs can increase their chances of finding long-term success. People with mental illness or substance abuse problems often struggle with a multitude of secondary problems connected to their disorder, including everything from relationship problems to insomnia. If these issues are not addressed and managed in treatment, many people’s recovery efforts will fail. Because of its many proven benefits, music therapy can help people work through some of these problems.

Music therapy activities for people with mental health disorders and substance abuse problems might include:

  • Playing a variety of instruments
  • Playing instruments in a group
  • Singing
  • Writing song lyrics
  • Song production
  • Music selection
  • Music bingo
  • Music improvisation
  • Music-guided meditation
  • Vibro-acoustic therapy
  • Listening to peaceful or cheerful music
  • Listening to music with visual aids
  • Talking about emotions in relation to certain songs or music

Over time, these music therapy techniques can help people learn to better recognize, express, and regulate their emotions. All of these processes are important for lasting recovery and success for both substance abuse and mental health.

Music Therapy in Palm Beach

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we too, believe in the power of music to promote healing. We offer music therapy for addiction and mental health patients to help them work through the ancillary problems connected to these disorders and improve their chances of finding lasting success.

Recovery from both problems can be a stressful time, and stress can trigger a relapse. Our Palm Beach music therapy groups for mental health and addiction can help patients reduce stress and improve their mood during treatment. Because of this, patients are more likely to stay on track in their recovery.

Detox in particular can be a challenging time for people trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. While our Palm Beach detox center does everything in our power to keep patients comfortable and ease pain during this process, it may not be enough. Music therapy’s abilities to treat pain, decrease stress, and improve sleep can be beneficial for patients in this program.

People with mental illness or substance abuse problems may also have problems dealing with emotions. Substance abuse in particular may be how some people cope with negative emotions. Our Palm Beach County music therapy for addiction and mental health promotes better emotional regulation so the patients are not as tempted to turn to drugs and alcohol for help.

Music therapy groups can also promote better communication skills and create a bond between patients. This connection can become a means of support for many patients during treatment and even after they leave our facility.

Unlike some other rehab programs, we have a music production studio on-site so that patients at our residential treatment center have access to professional equipment and trained music therapists during their stay.