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Fentanyl vs Heroin

Fentanyl vs. Heroin

The opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc on the United States thanks in part to the rise in fentanyl. At BHOPB, we are comparing fentanyl versus heroin to get a better understanding of where this crisis is headed.

Heroin needle, foil and lighter.

Police Arrest Hundreds in North Jersey Heroin Crackdown

In one of the largest and most highly publicized drug busts in New Jersey history, authorities have arrested over 300 people for their connection with North Jersey’s heroin trade. The announcement of the arrests was made at a press conference on June 3. The arrests are the conclusion of a two-month investigation undertaken to curb heroin abuse in the drug-plagued region.[1] In addition to the arrest of 280 heroin abusers and close to 40 distributors, authorities reported the seizure of [...]