At Behavioral Health of The Palm Beach (BHOPB), we understand that loved ones of alcoholics shoulder a great burden. They live their lives under constant stress due to their friend or family member’s descent into addiction. While they often recognize a problem of some sort, they may be hesitant to admit that there is an abuse problem or fear the confrontation that may occur from saying something. These qualms often prevent them from offering true help to an alcoholic. If alcohol has negatively impacted an individual’s life and relationships, then help is urgently needed, and there is no one better empowered to help an alcoholic than their friends and family. By showing their support through an alcohol intervention, they just may be able to get their loved one into rehab like our drug and alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach.

We recognize the great difficulty involved in getting an alcohol abuse victim to seek treatment and the overwhelming logistical burden that loved ones face in trying to organize an intervention for alcohol abuse. As part of our extensive continuum of care, our rehab center in Palm Beach offers professional alcohol abuse intervention. Before you can stage an intervention, you must first be able to recognize the signs of alcoholism.

Signs of Alcoholism Include:

  • Denial about their inability to stop drinking
  • Aggression or hostility whenever their drinking is mentioned
  • Decline in quality of life due to preoccupation with drinking
  • Frequent solitary alcohol consumption

Alcoholic behavior may lead to criminal activity such as assault, rape, driving under the influence, and theft. Before your loved one hurts themselves or someone else, get them help with an alcohol intervention and our alcohol detox in Palm Beach.

Full-Service Alcohol Intervention at Behavioral Health of The Palm Beaches

The emotion and logistics involved in organizing an intervention can be overwhelming, so much so that it’s hard to know where to begin. Many potentially lifesaving interventions never even get off the ground because of indecision, ugly family disputes, confusion, and disorganization. Our professionals are familiar with the psychology of alcohol addiction and help prepare clients to safely, effectively, and compassionately confront their alcoholic loved ones to get them started on the process of overcoming their addiction and improving their behavioral health.

An Alcohol Intervention Will Also:

  • Moderate the process to keep communication clear and constructive
  • Arrange treatment and provide transportation, allowing for quick placement into one of our addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach
  • Provide an objective, honest assessment of the family dynamic and ways to strengthen relationships that can be further improved during one of our family programs during treatment

You Can’t Afford to Wait

An alcohol abuse intervention is the first step to getting your loved one back. Each day you neglect to take action is another day they fall deeper into alcohol abuse. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is here to help restore families and friendships through honest, full-service alcohol intervention. Our treatment programs also include mental health treatment for patient suffering from co-occurring disorders.

If your loved one is sinking further and further into addiction, let us help. Find out more about our alcohol intervention services and rehab programs by contacting our admissions counselors today.