Florida Long-Term Rehab

Substance abuse problems, especially those that are severe and long-lasting, are difficult to overcome in a short amount of time. For some people, their addiction has been a huge part of their life for several years. It has dictated everything from their state of mind to their daily routine. When these people try to remove drugs and alcohol from their lives for good, it can be an overwhelming amount of change all at once. Adapting to these changes takes time and returning back to their life outside of treatment before they are properly adjusted can often mean relapse.

Because traditional residential addiction treatment may not be enough for everyone, at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we offer comprehensive long-term rehab in Florida where patients are given ample time readjust to a life without drugs and/or alcohol and heal.

Why Long-Term Rehab?

The distractions of everyday life and old habits can quickly derail patients’ recovery efforts and cause them to relapse, especially if they are not far enough along in their recovery to confidently face these triggers. Many patients require more than the traditional 30-day stay in a rehab facility. Long-term drug rehab provides patients with an opportunity to immerse themselves in their recovery without outside interference.

For long-term sufferers of drug and alcohol addiction, simply getting clean isn’t enough. Chemical dependency transforms an individual’s brain chemistry; recovery from addiction demands an equally significant transformation. Long-term rehab gives patients the added time to readjust before returning to their normal environment that is full of triggers.

Alcohol or drug dependency is also usually symptomatic of a larger and more complex mental health disorder. Traditional programs may not give patients enough time to examine these problems thoroughly and see improvements, but long-term rehab allows for this type of deep self-examination.

Those who have not had success in more abbreviated programs and are looking to break the pattern of relapse and withdrawal once and for all will especially benefit from long-term drug rehabilitation. The facts show that long-term rehabilitation tends to lead to greater results.

Our Long-Term Drug Rehab Facility in Florida

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we offer a comprehensive long-term alcohol and drug rehab to patients who require care beyond the traditional 30-day treatment model. Whether the individual is trying to overcome an addiction after several years or is caught in a cycle of treatment and relapse, the purpose of our long-term addiction treatment program is to give patients the time they need to make lasting changes. When their stay at our long-term rehabilitation center is complete, patients should have a different view of themselves and the world around them as well as altered their lifestyle so that they can confidently approach life outside of treatment free from drugs or alcohol.

Because addiction recovery is different for everyone, we’ve developed a personalized course of care for each patient that will focus on their specific needs, circumstances, and conditions. Our tailored approach to rehab combines individual and group counseling with an array of specialized activities and mental health therapies that allow patients to heal as individuals, not just addicts. For those in our long-term drug rehab program specifically, our programming focuses on total behavior modification, including re-learning skills that they will need outside of treatment to stay sober long-term.


Long-term rehab allows patients to:

  • Give their bodies the opportunity to revert back to normal function after a medical detox and heal from the toxins that have built up over the course of their addiction
  • Change their perception of addiction
  • Redefine their toxic relationship with drugs and alcohol
  • Examine the causes of their initial substance abuse
  • Work toward constructively managing stress and factors that may have contributed to their addictions
  • Look at their personal relationships
  • Develop new and healthier habits that will be a provide a solid foundation for post-treatment living

Substance abuse is often tied to mental health problems that can’t be resolved or properly addressed within the time frame allocated in traditional treatment, even with a wide selection of programming. When these mental health problems remain untreated, they will often lead to relapse and the cycle of treatment will only continue. As a dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida, we have the capabilities to help people break this harmful cycle. Our long-term Florida rehab provides patients with a safe and comfortable environment to examine their mental health as well as the extended time to see noticeable progress before leaving treatment. Taking the time to fully heal physically and mentally from addiction is the first step to a successful recovery.

Long-Term Rehab for Long-Term Success

While part of our approach involves giving patients the time and support they need to make necessary, significant life changes, the other part is preparing them for life outside of treatment. Our long-term rehab program offers practical support and assistance to patients who are nearing the end of treatment. By working with their community and expanding their outreach options, we are able to provide valuable post-treatment resources such as:

  • Referral to local support groups
  • Personalized recovery plans
  • Transitional assistance
  • Family integration

For deep-rooted addictions, a standard program may not be enough. Our long-term drug and alcohol rehab offers the time and support that patients need to see lasting results.