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Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches also known as the Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies has been one of the nation’s leading behavioral health centers for over 20 years. Located in South Florida, we offer expert treatment, support, advocacy, and assistance for substance use disorders and mental illness. We also specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and develop our cutting-edge treatment programs using evidence-based practices for the best care possible for our patients. Our Lake Worth, Fl behavioral health rehab is dedicated to helping every patient overcome addiction, improve their mental health, and achieve a healthy life in sobriety.

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Our Lake Worth Treatment Center

Our Lake Worth drug rehab is one of the only behavioral health facilities in the world that conducts its own drug and alcohol addiction research. As such, our clinical treatment incorporates the latest evidence-based practices in the industry.

Long-term sobriety is the ultimate goal for our patients, their families, and our addiction care specialists. At our BHOPB rehab, we rely on our in-house team of researchers to determine the best possible treatment options with the highest success rates available. Everything offered at any of our treatment facilities has been thoroughly researched and tested for efficacy, meaning you can trust us.

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Individualized Addiction and Mental Health Programs

Addiction Treatment Programs Palm Beach

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

Our behavioral health therapies encompass a wide range of vital support options for individuals dealing with substance use and mental health disorders. These services may include individual and group therapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and family counseling. Holistic treatment plans address the multifaceted aspects of the individual’s disorder, combining therapies to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With various behavioral health services under our belt, our clients can access a tailored approach that empowers them on their journey to addiction and mental health recovery.

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detox addiction program

Florida Detox Programs

Medically-monitored detox is a critical starting point in treating addiction, ensuring safe withdrawal from substances such as alcohol, benzos, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids, and prescription drugs. Our detox programs are designed to manage potentially severe withdrawal symptoms, reduce health risks, and provide a comfortable environment where patients can begin their recovery.

Our team of medical professionals oversees the process, offering personalized care that minimizes discomfort and sets a strong foundation for long-term sobriety. Medical detox serves as a crucial bridge between addiction and recovery.

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family program

Family Program

Our BHOPB treatment center also takes a family-centered approach to addiction recovery, focusing on the connection between our loved ones as a basis for healing. Through individual counseling sessions for family members and group sessions with clients and their loved ones, we promote healing within the family unit.

Our family therapy allows the team at Behavioral Health of The Palm Beaches to help clients develop healthy communication skills and rebuild relationships affected by substance abuse. Family is the strongest support system an individual in recovery can have, which is why we prioritize healing this area of our clients’ lives, as well.

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mental health programs palm beach


Mental health care is crucial for achieving emotional well-being, as it enhances the overall quality of life, and helps individuals navigate challenges effectively. By seeking mental health care, individuals can address issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress, and learn how to manage their symptoms and life’s complexities.

Prioritizing mental health care contributes to holistic wellness, allowing individuals to lead fulfilling lives and maintain optimal emotional balance. If you or a loved one is battling mental illness, our Banyan Lake Worth rehab also offers Florida mental health services that can help.

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Our alumni program offers a supportive community for clients who have undergone addiction treatment at our rehab in Lake Worth, Fl, fostering ongoing connection and a sense of belonging. This network provides continuous encouragement, relapse prevention strategies, and a platform for sharing experiences, contributing to sustained recovery and personal growth.

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spiritual treatment programs palm beach


The faith-based addiction counseling offered at our Lake Worth center integrates spirituality and religion into the recovery process, offering patients a source of strength, hope, and purpose. This approach addresses both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of recovery, providing a unique framework that individuals who find comfort and guidance in faith can relate to.

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We pride ourselves on discretion, so your information is always 100% confidential.

BHOPB Reviews

I often think about all of the staff there at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches that have helped me on my journey to recovery from both addiction and alcohol abuse. I can never thank you all enough and I will never forget how you guys helped me!

JessicaAthens, GA

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches saved my life. I had completely lost myself and my daughter. I needed to learn more about my addiction and BHOPB educated me on so much. It was the compassion and caring which made the difference.

BrianPhoenix, AZ

When I first got down to BHOPB, I was scared, sick, and traumatized from the death of my husband. The staff treated me with dignity, courtesy, and made me feel like a human being instead of an addict. I could not have asked for a better facility!

BarbCharleston, SC

Detox Programs

We are fully equipped to handle the medical detox and inpatient treatment process for many commonly abused substances.

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Recovery is Possible

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We pride ourselves on discretion, so your information is always 100% confidential.