Drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders can affect anyone, and in many cases, rehabilitation is the most effective and safest way to treat these conditions. Perhaps you’re reading this as a spouse of someone who’s addicted to drugs, and you’re interested in learning more about medically monitored detox so you can help your loved one get treatment. Or maybe you need addiction treatment for yourself and are searching for drug rehab facilities in a particular state or city. Or maybe you’ve already gone through drug or alcohol treatment, and you’re seeking online tools to assist in your sobriety. Whatever the case may be, we offer addiction recovery resources that can help. 


You can find answers to the many questions you may have about drug detox and substance-specific treatment on Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ addiction resource guide. As one of several Banyan rehab locations, our treatment center in Palm Beach offers an advanced and multi-faceted approach to treating substance use disorders, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders. On the internet, however, our facility also serves as an educational platform that provides resources for addicts in recovery, their loved ones, and those interested in beginning their journeys.   


Our Chemical Dependency Resources 


Friends and Family Resources

As someone who cares deeply about someone with a drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve undoubtedly experienced many conflicting emotions. Fear, anger, frustration, confusion, and hopelessness are common reactions to a loved one’s drug or alcohol problem. You can process these emotions by getting help not only for your loved one but for yourself, as well. At our Palm Beach addiction center, we offer family therapy for parents, spouses, and close friends of addicts who need help recovering from the impact of their loved ones’ addictions.   

Some additional resources for families of addicts include: 


Spiritual and Christian Addiction Recovery Resources

As a holistic treatment center in Lake Worth, we also believe in the importance of healing the spirit during recovery from addiction. Not only do we offer services like aromatherapy and meditation therapy, but we also have a Faith in Recovery program that provides faith-based therapy for addiction and more. 

Some Christian-based resources that you may find to be helpful include: 


Mental Health Resources

Whether you have a mental illness (like depression) or a co-occurring disorder, our mental health rehab in Florida offers a variety of treatment options and resources that can help you live a happy and full life. Below are some additional mental health resources that can assist you in your recovery: 


Active Duty Military and Veterans Resources

By contacting your branch of the military, you’ll be able to find individual and group resources for addiction and mental illness. Being open with your leadership can help you receive the treatment you need and continue your career while caring for your health and relationships. In addition to local or branch resources, you may also receive help with other organizations like: 


Military Crisis Line: This hotline includes text-messaging service and online chatting to provide free veterans support for all service members whether or not they’re registered with the VA or enrolled in VA health care. This hotline was created in the case of a crisis involving a military member. This is a fully confidential, 24-hour line for service members and their loved ones.

Phone Number: 1-800-273-8255


The Real Warriors Campaign: This organization aims to raise awareness about mental illness among military personnel and encourages veterans and active service members to reach out for help. 

Phone Number: 1-866-966-1020


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: The largest integrated health care system in the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can help you find resources. In some cases, active-duty members can access VA facilities for emergencies.

Phone Number: 1-844-698-2311


Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches: With all kinds of mental health treatment options, including depression and trauma recovery treatment, BHOPB specializes in caring for substance use disorders, mental health, and co-occurring disorders at our military rehab in Florida

Phone Number: 1-888-432-2467


Your recovery is important to us. We want to help create a mental health or addiction treatment plan that meets your requirements. Everyone is affected by addiction and mental illness differently, so their programs should be individualized to their unique needs. 

If you’d like more addiction intervention resources or want to learn more about our addiction treatment in Palm Beach, contact BHOPB today. We’re ready to help you start your recovery journey.