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Best Mental Health Tips for Working From Home

As a facility that offers Palm Beach mental health services, we understand the importance of balancing the demands of a job while maintaining healthy boundaries between your work and personal life. Although remote work or working from home was most prevalent during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few years later, many people are still working remotely. Whether you’ve been working through COVID remotely or have recently transitioned to this work setting, we’re sharing some mental health tips...

Why Do People Lace Drugs?

Nowadays, more and more reports of drugs laced with fentanyl are surfacing. Fentanyl is a highly potent opioid drug that’s used recreationally for the euphoric high it produces. However, as one of the more potent drugs of its class, fentanyl, is fatal when taken in doses larger than two milligrams. Despite this risk, many dealers are using this and other substances to lace their drugs. But why? Why do people lace drugs at all?

What Are Laced Drugs?

Lacing is the act...