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At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we understand that many people with substance use disorders haven’t received or have missed out on addiction treatment due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to COVID-19, many other factors can make it difficult for a person to travel to or make it to rehab. With quarantining and social distancing restrictions on top of life’s other challenges, people have been prevented from physically attending their much-needed drug therapy programs. These restrictions have also made it difficult for those receiving mental health treatment and those in addiction recovery to stay on track. Additionally, the isolation and anxiety caused by the pandemic have also contributed to both mental health and addiction relapses across the country. Fortunately, our drug rehab in Palm Beach offers telehealth services for addiction that offer patients more flexibility.

What Is Telehealth Rehabilitation for Addiction?

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, allows people to connect to their healthcare providers and receive treatment via phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and other devices. By using the internet and online applications like Skype, which make video chatting simple, healthcare providers and addiction treatment specialists can connect to their patients no matter where they are. Providing telehealth services for addiction and mental health has been especially important considering the isolation and social restrictions set in place during COVID-19. Many drug rehabilitation centers implemented online treatment programs to continue to treat patients who are unable to leave their homes. BHOPB is one drug rehab center that has incorporated telehealth access to care for people receiving mental health treatment and addiction treatment.

Benefits of Our Telehealth Therapy Services

As a rehab in Lake Worth with years of experience in treating mental and substance use disorders, we understand how important consistency and reliability are in a facility and treatment program. When it comes to addictions, for instance, recovery isn’t easy, and patients often struggle to sustain their sobriety at home without the help of aftercare services. Our telehealth programs reduce the risk of relapse and eliminate the need for patients to wait or reschedule their appointments.

By offering telemedicine accessibility to our mental health and addiction treatment in Palm Beach, we eliminate the need for patients to physically come to our facility for treatment. While our telehealth services shouldn’t replace inpatient drug treatment for those who need it or are in the early stages of recovery, they do offer patients in recovery another avenue of treatment they can rely on.

Some benefits of telemedicine treatment for addiction and mental health include:

  • More privacy for patients: Considering the many stigmas and misconceptions about addiction and mental illness, it’s understandable why some patients may prefer to keep their treatment private. Telehealth use for treating these conditions provides patients with the level of privacy and confidentiality they need to feel comfortable and focus on their recovery. If they do seek to socialize and connect with others who are also in recovery, patients can join our alumni program.
  • Easy access to treatment: Another benefit of our outpatient telemedicine for addiction and mental health is the easy access that patients have to our specialists. Telemedicine outpatient services eliminate the delay between finding help, making appointments, and commuting. Our telehealth services in Florida cut the treatment time in half, making it easier for patients to connect with us and increasing their chances of seeking and completing treatment.
  • Access for commuters: Part of the hesitation in attending a rehab center is the commute. You may have found a really great facility, but it might be too far away. People in this situation may either give up on receiving care or end up going to a different facility that may not suit their needs. Additionally, some patients may simply have busy schedules but still want to implement therapy into their routines. For instance, patients who received treatment in our partial hospitalization program have had to balance their addiction treatment, careers, and families. Online access to healthcare for addiction and mental health is perfect for patients in recovery who can’t commute or have other responsibilities that may otherwise keep them from getting the help they need.

Our Telehealth Services for Addiction

Our telehealth addiction services offer patients in our mental health or addiction treatment programs access to recovery resources at home. While we offer personalized care during the day through our PHP or residential treatment, we provide additional help through our telehealth programs. Our outpatient telemedicine includes three hours of intensive treatment per day for three days a week. Therapists will also schedule one hour of virtual individual therapy per week to keep track of the patient’s progress. All of our online meetings and treatments are conducted via Zoom, a video chatting application that can be downloaded onto any tablet, computer, or smartphone.

During sessions, patients are expected to pay close attention. To make this possible, we recommend that patients in our virtual addiction treatment attend meetings alone and in a quiet setting, and they do not allow other people to jump in on the call or interrupt the meeting. Non-patients should not be able to view, engage in, or listen in on meetings.

If you’re interested in our telehealth services or our other levels of addiction care, contact BHOPB today to be connected to a team member.


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