Anger Management Treatment

Counseling for Anger Management

Anger is a basic human emotion and an unavoidable part of life. To express occasional anger is normal and even necessary. However, when that anger negatively impacts a person’s relationships and drives them toward destructive behaviors like substance abuse, professional help may be needed for healing. As part of our mental health treatment, our Banyan Lake Worth rehab offers counseling for anger management designed to help patients learn how to cope with their anger issues which will also prevent them from negatively affecting their recovery.

Signs of Anger Issues

Uncontrolled anger looks different from person to person. Some people are consistently angry, always finding something to be upset about. There are also those who cannot help but dwell on events that made them mad, even if they’ve “forgiven and forgotten.” Then there are others who have short fuses and quick tempers that are easily triggered and exhibited aggressively or violently.

Unfortunately, uncontrolled anger can be difficult to define and understand. Unlike depression or anxiety disorders, unmanaged anger does not have a name or official diagnosis. This often makes finding anger management treatment programs difficult for those who need them most.

What’s more, some people with anger issues often do not realize how severe their problem is. Oftentimes, it may seem as if explosive anger is effective. Your kids might be quicker to do their chores when you blow up on them, or your employees may start working more quickly when you lose your temper at work.

When a person cannot control their anger, they pose a great danger to themselves and those around them. In addition to some of the long-term physical dangers of untreated chronic anger, such as high blood pressure, ulcers, and increased heart rate, it can also lead to:

  • Assault and physical danger
  • Incarceration or legal problems
  • The deterioration of social and professional relationships
  • The development of a drug or alcohol problem

Uncontrolled anger can be a threat to an individual’s overall mental health, like depression, anxiety, and addiction. What began as cantankerous behavior could also lead to a drinking problem, legal issues, and relationship troubles.

Soon your anger could require the need for addiction treatment, mental health care, anger management classes, therapy, and serious self-reflection. We are ready to help patients explore the roots of their anger problems and teach them rational, constructive, and realistic ways to channel their emotions in recovery through anger management counseling.

Take Control With an Anger Management Treatment Plan

The goals for anger management at our Lake Worth drug rehab are to help patients control and direct their anger in a healthy way to restore their quality of life and mental well-being. Chronic anger is one of the many conditions that we see patients struggling with.

The internalization of anger can lead to hostility and depression, both of which can result in substance abuse. At the Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we administer professional dual-diagnosis treatment to address both conditions simultaneously. This includes:

  • Anger management group therapy and individual counseling
  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Mental health education and awareness
  • A clear and realistic behavioral plan for the future

Our South Florida detox center helps individuals overcome not only their substance use disorders but also develop coping methods and stress management skills. Patients will learn how to control and appropriately process their anger without engaging in extreme behavior. Self-awareness is key in this process, as it allows patients to honestly account for how their anger has controlled their attitude and actions.

Finding Anger Management Therapy Near Me

The people who are most often affected by an individual’s chronic anger are friends and loved ones. Parents, spouses, children, and close friends often ignore or hide the pain that their loved one is causing to maintain a false sense of harmony in the relationship.

Do not ignore this problem any longer. Try to get your loved one help. If you are struggling yourself, contact Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches today and start taking control of your life with our counseling for anger management.

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