General Treatment Programs

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, one size definitely does not fit all. Each individual in need of treatment comes to the process with their own unique combination of struggles and challenges, and a cookie-cutter approach to substance abuse treatment simply cannot meet this diversity of needs. That is why the programs at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches are designed to flexibly adapt to every patient’s unique situation,…

Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Young Adult Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Pain Medication Addiction Treatment
Pain Services Rehab
Heroin Addiction Treatment
Rehab For Boomers
Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Recreational Athlete Pain Pill Addiction
DUI Rehab Alternative
Intervention Programs

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches we recognize the toll that substance abuse takes on loved ones and offer a variety of intervention programs to help repair families and guide addicted individuals into treatment. Intervention can be the key factor in getting a substance abuser to recognize that they have a problem and agree to commit to professional treatment. Because so many substance abusers who need treatment go untreated, the…

Alcohol Intervention
Drug Intervention
Codependency Intervention
Executive Intervention
Detox Programs

Substance abuse detox is a critical first step in treatment and should never be attempted without professional supervision. Chronic substance abusers who try and quit drugs or alcohol “cold turkey” almost always fail and can suffer serious and even life-threatening consequences. That is why a professionally supervised detox in a certified and well-staffed facility is so vitally important; your life is quite literally at stake. At Behavioral…

Alcohol Detox
Drug Detox
Pain Pills Detox
Heroin Detox
Detox From Suboxone
Holistic Treatment Programs

Patients recovering from chemical dependency require a comprehensive level of care. This includes treatment beyond the immediate symptoms of addiction and a plan to address the patient’s quality of life that has suffered as a result of drug and/or alcohol abuse. Often these type of holistic treatment plans include elements that are not found in more traditional substance abuse programs, such as meditation, nutrition, massage, and more high-…

Drug Free Pain Management
Holistic Addiction Treatment
Holistic Alcohol Rehab
Holistic Drug Rehab
Professional Programs

In our many years of experience treating substance abuse at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we have identified a variety of professions that face unique challenges with regards to substance abuse and mental illness. Although high workplace stress levels are common to all of them, each of these professions has their own particular issues that need to be addressed in treatment. Due to this fact, we have created specialized treatment…

Professional Athlete Substance Abuse Treatment
Healthcare Professionals Treatment
Military Drug Rehab
First Responders Substance Abuse Treatment
Aviation Professionals Treatment
Mental Health Programs

Addiction is very often a symptom of a larger, underlying mental health issue. In accordance with our philosophy of treating the whole patient, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers a full array of mental health treatment programs. These programs are designed to help patients identify and manage their mental illness without having to turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication. We have found that many of our recovering…

Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Alcohol and Depression Treatment
Depression Recovery Treatment
Anxiety Management Treatment
Codependency Treatment
Sex Addiction Treatment
Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency
Anger Management Treatment
Gambling Addiction Treatment
Domestic Violence and Addiction Treatment
Bipolar Disorder Treatment
Binge Eating Disorder (BED) Treatment
Internet Addiction Treatment
Social Skills Development
Trauma Recovery Treatment
Spiritual Programs

Faith and spirituality are very often the primary source of strength for patients in recovery. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers both non-denominational and specific religion-centered programs for our spiritual patients. Our non-denominational connect individuals in recovery with the idea of a higher power and use techniques such as meditation and mindfulness. Our religious programs incorporate recitation of scripture, prayer…

Spiritual Recovery from Addiction
Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Family Programs

Families often play a central role in both substance abusing behavior and the recovery from that abuse. Dysfunctional family dynamics can sometimes lead individuals into the downward spiral of addiction, as they seek refuge from the trauma of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Conversely, families can provide the support that helps substance abusers seek treatment and avoid the temptation of relapse. Oftentimes the impact of family…

Family Addiction Education & Support Group
Family Program
Alumni Programs

A recovering addict may be at their most vulnerable in the days, weeks and months following rehab. It is at this stage that, having left the controlled environment of treatment, they are faced with many of the same stresses and temptations that led them into substance abuse in the first place. Sometimes, they may feel alone in their struggle to stay sober, cut off from the supportive environment they experienced in rehab. The danger of…

Relapse Prevention
Alumni Network
Family & Friends of Alumni Program
BHOPB Alumni Group
Individualized Aftercare
Seaside Alumni Group