Professional Rehab

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we understand that some jobs may be more prone to higher levels of substance abuse and mental health issues than others. Because of these high-stress careers and the niche needs that accompany them, we are dedicated to creating programming that addresses the specific problems associated with these professions.   

Rehab for Professionals  

Our Palm Beach behavioral health facility works with people from all different walks of life, but in our many years of experience treating substance abuse, we have identified a variety of professions that face unique challenges with regards to substance abuse and mental illness. Although high workplace stress levels are common to all of them, each of these professions has its own particular issues that need to be addressed in treatment.  

First Responders 

First responders are faced with traumatic, high-stress, and life-threatening situations on a regular basis that and can lead to severe mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. In order to cope, many first responders turn to drugs and alcohol. With our first responders’ substance abuse treatment program, we tailor our programming to address the specific care needs of these professionals.   

Healthcare Professionals 

Healthcare professionals have demanding jobs. They not only deal with the stress of saving lives but can also be tempted by easy access to prescription medicationsBecause of these long hours and the temptation, mental health problems and addiction in health care professionals are common. Our drug rehab for medical professionals provides mental health care for healthcare professionals as well as substance abuse treatment programs that incorporate the everyday challenges related to the medical field.  

Professional Athletes  

Professional athletes have a physically demanding job. In order to deal with the physical pain, professional athletes often begin using prescription drugs to deal with chronic pain or injuries they suffer from on the job. These addictions often continue long after their playing days end. Instead of getting treatment, many athletes may also try to deal with their poor mental health related to pressure and being in the spotlight on their own. At our mental health and drug rehab for athletes, we guide active and retired professional athletes through pain medication addiction treatment and address underlying mental health issues along the way.  

Military Personnel  

People in the military are put in life-threatening situations and go through traumatic experiences in the line of duty that most people cannot relate to. Many will struggle with PTSD because of it and may turn to drugs or alcohol to try and escape. With this repeated pattern of coping, substance abuse in the military is common, but you want a rehab that understands and is prepared to handle the underlying mental health issues that may be contributing to the addiction.  

Aviation Professionals 

Pilots, flight attendants, and other aviation professionals may be required to travel regularly, often separated from their families for extended periods on time. This absence and stress can take its toll on a person’s mental health. Also, after 9/11, the increased security and terrorist threats can lead to anxiety. Our addiction and mental health treatment for pilots and other aviation professionals is designed to address these concerns. 

Addiction Treatment Resources for Professionals 

The key to successful addiction treatment is a customized treatment plan that meets the individual’s specific needs. When we work with patients who have jobs that are prone to substance abuse, we do our best to create a treatment plan that addresses the specific needs that come with their profession like our professional Programs for addiction treatment. 

These addiction treatment programs for professionals not only help individuals suffering from job-related substance abuse pursue recovery, but they also help patients resume their careers after treatment is completed. Each of these professions has its own story to tell regarding susceptibility to substance abuse, but they all place their professionals at greater risk than others. These individuals all deserve substance abuse treatment plans that are designed specifically for their sobriety 

Through each one of our professional programs for addiction treatment, we help patients learn the tools needed to transition back into the workplace in a sober mindset. Every professional deals with unique stress and our patients will learn how to channel this stress into something positive without relying on drugs or alcohol as they did in the past. Our rehab for professionals also includes individual and group therapy sessions as well as customized addiction programming. The main goal is to help these professionals understand why they turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place as well as help them re-enter the workforce in recovery.

Whether it is drug addiction in health care professionals or PTSD in military personnel, we want to help professionals with their behavioral issues. You shouldn’t have to live with these problems or watch someone you love struggle. Our dual diagnosis treatment center could help you move forward. Before you can go back to performing at the highest level for your profession, you need to take care of yourself. Take the first step today.