Holistic Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol addiction attacks your body, controls your mind, and diminishes your spirit. To heal completely, you must address these issues during your recovery. While many drug and alcohol rehab facilities focus on treating just the addiction, our holistic rehab in Florida offers services that focus on the mind, spirit, and body to diminish the damage caused by drugs and alcohol and place clients on the path to long-term recovery and success.  

What Does Holistic Mean?  

Holistic refers to whole-person treatment in terms of addiction and mental health care. Holistic addiction treatment focuses on addressing both the mind and body to help the person completely heal. Some facilities make the mistake of focusing too much on medically monitored detox or may rely too heavily on medication to treat the individual’s ailments.     

A key element of all these holistic techniques is that they’re intended to treat the whole person and improve their overall well-being rather than target a particular symptom. This natural approach to substance abuse treatment displays to clients that there are plenty of ways to address physical and psychological hardships without the use of drugs or alcohol.    

Benefits of Holistic Treatment  

Addiction is a powerful and relentless disease that often leads individuals to neglect essential aspects of their lives and relationships, prioritizing substance use over personal well-being and responsibilities. Hygiene, nutrition, work, and financial obligations may take a backseat to drug and alcohol consumption, underscoring the multifaceted nature of addiction. Treatment programs that fail to acknowledge this complexity risk providing incomplete care, impeding clients’ ability to achieve comprehensive recovery. 

Fortunately, our holistic rehab center recognizes the intricate interplay between addiction and various life domains, offering a comprehensive treatment approach designed to support individuals throughout their recovery journey.  

Holistic treatment offers various benefits that address these concerns:    

  • Understanding the causes of addiction  
  • Helping with improved self-esteem and self-confidence  
  • Learning how to cope with cravings  
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, nutrition, and sleep  
  • Learning how to cope with emotional triggers  
  • Learning calming and relaxing activities  
  • Learning how to be in touch with spirituality through mindfulness 

At our facility, our Lake Worth drug rehab combines holistic therapy with our traditional levels of addiction treatment, like residential treatment and detox. This type of comprehensive approach reduces the risk of relapse. 

Our Holistic Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Services 

In our holistic drug and alcohol detox program in Palm Beach, we acknowledge that detox marks only the beginning of the recovery journey. Substance abuse often results in neglect of physical and mental health, with addiction taking precedence over self-care. Our tailored treatment plans address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery, incorporating individual counseling, group sessions, and meditation to facilitate self-discovery and emotional healing.  By addressing addiction’s root causes and promoting overall health, our program empowers individuals to break free from substance dependence and cultivate sustainable, fulfilling lifestyles. 

Moreover, our holistic treatment center in Florida not only aids in overcoming substance abuse but also enhances post-treatment quality of life. Patients learn vital skills and practices essential for long-term success and personal growth through our holistic approach. Additionally, we integrate drug-free pain management techniques to combat opioid addiction and effectively manage pain without medication reliance. 

Our holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs include: 

  • Activity Therapy 
  • Aroma Therapy 
  • Body-Centered Wellness 
  • Christian Counseling 
  • Eastern Body-Centered Psychotherapy 
  • Energy Therapy 
  • Life Skills Therapy 
  • Meditation Therapy 
  • Nature Therapy 
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • Qigong Therapy 
  • Sound Therapy 
  • Spiritual Therapy 
  • Tai Chi Therapy 

Through these programs, our holistic residential treatment center in Florida helps patients: 

  • Get in touch with their spirituality with our spiritual program for addiction 
  • Learn healthier habits and make them routine 
  • Improve their physical health through exercise and nutritional counseling 
  • Explore new hobbies and talents 
  • Gain greater mental clarity and stability through meditation 
  • Find inner peace and raise self-confidence 
  • Learn how to cope with drug cravings and triggers 
  • Raise the chances of long-term success 

Long-Lasting Results 

To see long-lasting results, you need to turn these good routines into regular habits and focus on relapse prevention. At our drug and alcohol treatment center, we believe that the best way to prevent relapse is for patients to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually during rehabilitation. Drugs and alcohol can affect all aspects of your life, but with our holistic treatment program, you will focus on comprehensive healing and positive life changes while addressing physiological, psychological, and spiritual damage left behind from prolonged drug and alcohol abuse. 

Finding a Holistic Rehab Near Me  

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, don’t confront this issue alone. Our drug and alcohol treatment center has the programs and therapies you need to overcome your drug addiction, regain control of your life, and heal entirely.  

Contact Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches or call (561) 220-3981 to get started on your journey to a brighter future, free of drugs.