SMART Recovery Program

SMART Recovery Program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we believe that addiction is an ongoing problem that requires comprehensive and unique approaches to help patients find long-lasting sobriety and success in their recovery journeys. Because we’re dedicated to helping each of our patients heal from the psychological and physical effects of addiction, we offer individualized treatment programs in Palm Beach like our SMART Recovery program for addiction.

What Is a SMART Recovery Program?

SMART recovery stands for self-management and recovery training. The SMART Recovery rehab program promotes a global network of support for people in recovery. SMART recovery meetings encourage open discussions and encourage participants to share their stories and offer their support to others. Peer support is crucial to addiction recovery, and the purpose of our SMART Recovery Program in Palm Beach is to remind patients that they aren’t alone in this process and expose them to others in similar situations. Patients will also have the opportunity to help others with their struggles.

There are four major points the SMART Recovery Program helps patients learn:

  • Building and sustaining motivation for the duration of recovery
  • Coping with addiction cravings and urges
  • Managing dangerous emotions in recovery as well as thoughts and behaviors associated with their addiction
  • Living a balanced life

Stages of the SMART Recovery Method for Substance Abuse

Our SMART Recovery Program for substance abuse recognizes that patients may be in different phases of recovery. That’s why this program is made up of a variety of stages that allow patients to progress at their own pace.

The stages of the SMART Recovery Program include:

  • Precontemplation: Individuals in this stage may not be aware of their problem yet or may be in denial.
  • Contemplation: Patients identify the advantages and disadvantages of addiction by creating a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Determination/Preparation: Patients will decide whether they want to pursue personal changes and possibly complete a Change Plan Worksheet.
  • Action: Patients will actively seek out new and healthy ways of managing their addiction behavior. These methods may include utilizing self-help resources, seeking group support, or receiving professional guidance.
  • Maintenance: A patient’s behavior normally changes a few months into the program, and they may be learning how to sustain their sobriety at this stage.
  • Graduation/Exit: Once the patient has experienced a certain level of change, they may decide to leave or “graduate” from the SMART Recovery Program.
  • Side Event/ Relapse: Although relapse is not inevitable, it’s often a normal part of the addiction recovery process. If managed appropriately, this incident can serve as a learning experience for the individual.

Our SMART Recovery Program at BHOPB

The earlier stages of addiction recovery are tough for many. The chances of relapse are highest in the first few months to the first year of recovery. A SMART Recovery Program for substance abuse can provide much-needed support, especially during early recovery.

Not everyone has friends and family to offer support. Family and friends that are willing to help often don’t have a full understanding of substance abuse disorders. While they are helpful and may mean well, it’s important to expose patients to professionals and other people in recovery who have experience with this disease. The SMART Recovery Program at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach provides patients with peer support. Group members work together to discuss and overcome their issues. This type of setting promotes a sense of community that people in recovery can turn to during difficult times.

If you or someone you know is struggling in their recovery or wants to begin their recovery journey, contact us today for help. We offer a wide variety of addiction services including detox programs in Palm Beach.

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