Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis patients simultaneously suffer from a substance abuse issue and a mental disorder. Drug or alcohol abuse is usually the product of an underlying mental illness. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is considered to be one of the leading dual diagnosis rehab centers in the country. We provide expert dual diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders in all of our facilities.

Expert Professional Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

The foundation of our clinical care philosophy is to treat the whole patient: we address both the symptoms of addiction and the mental well-being of an individual.

We offer expert treatment for all mood disorders, including:

It\’s been reported that over 16 million Americans suffer from some sort of mood disorder. If left untreated, they often turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. Our expert professionals are trained to identify patients’ hidden mental illness and establish the origins of their addictions in order to provide quality counseling and treatment. Patients are often unaware that they suffer from co-occurring disorders until our therapists illustrate how their mood disorder led to drug and alcohol abuse.

Integrated, Evidenced-Based Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We begin with a psychological assessment followed by detox: a staff-supervised process of removing the drug from the patient’s body while managing the harsh withdrawal symptoms that can occur. Using the 12-step model in combination with in-depth group and individual counseling, our mental health professionals help identify overlapping symptoms of patients’ substance abuse and mood disorders and work to help them manage the stress and trauma triggered by both. The primary goal of dual diagnosis treatment is to empower patients to address their mental disorder without having to turn to drugs and alcohol.

During dual diagnosis rehab, co-occurring patients undergo a variety of treatment therapies including:

Whenever possible, medication is also administered to help patients manage their depression and anxiety.

Recognized Leaders in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We have a credentialed and extensively published team of research professionals that have made invaluable contributions to the area of dual diagnosis treatment. We have based our entire treatment approach on the idea that in order for patients to experience lasting recovery, they must be treated for the mental illness that has contributed to substance abuse.

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