Meditation Therapy

Heal Yourself Through Guided Meditation

Meditation has been an essential part of physical, mental and spiritual healing in many cultures for thousands of years. Additionally, there have been multiple studies conducted that confirm the benefits of this practice in all areas of life – especially during addiction recovery.

Let Us Lead Your Meditation

Regular meditation is a vital part of our rehab program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches and it is also something many of our patients have made a part of their lives post-rehab. It’s a valuable tool in recovery, decision making and in the simple practice of finding calm and mental serenity.

For those inexperienced in the practice, our meditation leaders use Buddhist and other Eastern teachings in instructing patients on meditation. The eventual goal is for our patients to feel content and at peace – mentally, physically and spiritually. Patients who successfully integrate meditation into their treatment take this practice with them as they move on through their lives, where the continued pursuit of balance and awareness can allow them to remain sober long-term.

Allows us to guide you in the process of self-reflection. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about our meditation therapy.