Everything You Need to Know About Halfway Houses

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Everything You Need to Know About Halfway Houses

Patients in our drug and alcohol detox programs in Palm Beach, may have made it through the dreaded withdrawal symptoms, but their journey to lasting sobriety is far from over

For many people going through the early stages of recovery, transition from life in rehab back to their regular routine is overwhelming and the risk of relapse is high, but a halfway house could be a part of the solution

What is a Halfway House?

A halfway house is a transitional residence for people in need. Halfway houses can be temporary homes for people just getting out of jail as well as people who recently completed residential addiction treatment for substance abuse. The purpose of a halfway house is to provide a controlled environment to help people with the transition from their former living arrangements back to independent living. Halfway houses for people in recovery are sometimes also called sober living facilities or recovery houses.

Benefits of Living in A Halfway House for Addiction Recovery

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey and moving from treatment in a safe and controlled environment back to your everyday life is challenging. For many people in recovery who were living on-site for treatment, a recovery or halfway house can be a good option for the next step in their recovery journey for several reasons.


Some people in early recovery need to have constant support in order to stay on track in their sobriety. Halfway houses usually have supervisors who oversee the residents and check in on them regularly. This regular supervision can keep people out of trouble and reduce the risk of relapse.

Controlled Environment

Another big benefit to living in a sober living facility is the controlled environment. While residents have more freedom than they did living on-site, these facilities still offer more stability and structure than living on their own. Residents are usually expected to complete certain chores and are often expected to follow a curfew. Drugs and alcohol are also strictly forbidden so there are typically fewer addiction triggers to deal with.


Because you are living with other people who are also in recovery and expected to follow certain rules, a halfway house can hold people in recovery more accountable. They may be required to attend recovery meetings regularly or even pass drug tests. This accountability keeps people in early recovery from getting complacent with their sobriety.

Peer Support

Having support is important to finding lasting sobriety. While you may have friends and family back home who want to be there for you in recovery, they likely do not understand what you are going through. Halfway houses create a community of support of people who are going through similar struggles. There is always someone there you can talk to about your addiction and recovery problems who has firsthand experience with these issues.

Get Back on Your Feet

Addiction can destroy someone’s life. Many people lose their jobs, destroy their personal relationships, and end up homeless. Halfway and recovery houses are good options for people who need to pick themselves back up. They give residents time to pick up the pieces of their broken lives and start working toward a better future.

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, our partial hospitalization program in South Florida includes programming and therapies during the day as well as residency at a sober living facility at night. This type of system sets up patients for long-success in their sobriety as they move through the stages of recovery.


If you or a loved one is ready to take the first step to sobriety, reach out to us today at 561-220-3981.

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