Activity-based Therapies

Self-expression knows many forms, and oftentimes for addiction patients, speaking in one-on-one or even group therapy sessions is not the most effective form of expression. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we recognize that many patients are most comfortable expressing themselves through interactive activities-based therapies that allow them to be uninhibited in their communications. These activities range from art to music, writing, gardening, exercise, and even cooking – enabling each individual to find an activity-based therapy that fits their own personal interests and abilities.

Shame, fear, doubt and confusion are just a few of the roadblocks patients face in trying to express themselves honestly, and activity-base therapies can help bring these thoughts and feelings out so that they can be addressed. Using techniques in art, music, fitness and expressive writing gives patients an extra outlet and gives our therapists extra opportunities for more in-depth observations of a patient’s underlying issues. This can be critical in unearthing otherwise hidden mental health problems that can fuel an individual’s tendency toward addiction.

In addition to the way in which these therapies can help address mental health challenges, they can also form part of the foundation for a more positive and productive post-treatment life. These activities can easily turn into passions and skills which remain with our patients for months or even years after completing rehab, giving them meaningful hobbies or even new careers that can help them avoid the potential trap of substance abuse relapse as they move forward with their lives after rehab. Much of the long-term success of those in recovery is based upon finding new and rewarding activities to replace the time they previously spent engaging in negative behaviors that were often accompanied by substance abuse.