While medication may be able to both help manage mental health symptoms and aid in the addiction recovery process, medication alone is usually not enough. Addiction and mental health disorders often have some underlying root causes that need to be addressed. If ignored, a person may still find relief and sobriety, but they are often short-lived. Without working through these underlying issues, it is easy to fall back into bad habits; doing so could easily lead to relapse.

The Importance of Behavioral Health Therapies

Substance abuse and mental therapies can help the patients with this process. They are given various outlets to dive deep and practice self-discovery that can propel their progress forward. The same treatment plan will not work for everyone, so exposure to several different mental health therapy programs can help patients find what works best for them.

In addition to the way in which these therapies can help address mental health challenges, they can also form part of the foundation for a more positive and productive post-treatment life. Some of these activities can easily turn into hobbies or tools for coping that can help them continue to move forward with their lives after rehab.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Therapies in Palm Beach

At our South Florida behavioral health center, we offer several different types of therapies for mental health and addiction including:

Trained staff members will guide these mental health therapies and apply them to the individual’s specific problems. Group and individual therapy sessions allow patients to talk through their issues with a trained psychologist or their peers who are in similar situations. These different types of psychotherapy help patients work through their problems from different angles so that they can find what works best for them.

On top of these evidence-based practices, we also offer several holistic therapies for mental health and addiction that look at behavioral health as a combination of several problems instead of just one overlying issue. Theses therapies help patients see the benefits of comprehensive healing and how healthy habits developed in rehab can drastically improve their lives in the real world.

Because group therapy and talking it out may not be for everyone, our programming includes activity-based therapies for mental health. Patients are encouraged to partake in our hands-on programming like art therapy, journaling, exercising, and music therapy. These activity-based mental health programs can bring out thoughts and feelings they are struggling to express honestly. With time, this extra outlet can help hesitant patients learn to open up in other therapy sessions and therefore increase their progress in recovery.

Together, these mental health therapies can drastically improve the overall health of the patient as well as help the patients continue their progress once their treatment program is complete. These addiction therapies can teach patients healthy coping skills that can help them avoid relapse.  The therapeutic activities for mental health can help patients manage their mental health symptoms and learn to live happier lives with their disorders.

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, also known as the Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies, we want to give our patients their greatest chance of leading happier and healthier lives once they leave our facility for good. If you are ready to take that first step for you or a loved one, contact us today.