Celebrity Alcoholics & Repeat Rehabs

Some things just seem inevitable.  The sky will always be blue (weather dependant, I suppose), and the grass will always be green.  Also, celebrities will always be in and out of rehabs.  As a recovering alcoholic myself, I do wonder if these things can ever change.  I completed treatment at my alcohol rehab just over ten years ago.  Luckily, I have never relapsed.  But that is not the case for everyone—particularly celebrities.

This time, the headlines splash “Amy Winehouse” but she is not the first to make multiple appearances in the headlines for substance abuse.  If they are not checking into an alcohol rehab, there are headlines about how they should be checked into an alcohol rehab (think: Charlie Sheen)!

I suppose it is not fair to judge the subset of the population who are famous; since, after all, they are in the limelight constantly, and we have a heightened sense of awareness of their lives.  It isn’t considered a “good Christian” practice to judge them on their actions, either – especially since I was in a similar boat not too long ago.  I just have to wonder what kind of example these celebrities are setting for future generations.  I worry that being an alcoholic, without realizing the problems and repercussions thereof, will not be as serious in the future; and in turn, less people will seek out alcohol rehab.  This “everyone’s doing it” mentality can be beneficial for recovery purposes but not for active addictions.

Mary R.