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Recovery Stories

Giving It The Old College Try – One More Time

Lots of recovering addicts have fond reminiscences about the days before they became addicted-I’m not among them. My descent and decline first into alcohol, then drugs started in my late teens. From outward appearances I should never have ended up a... Read More

Please Forgive Me Grandma

Unknown to most of the parents in the upscale neighborhood we lived in between Baltimore and Washington, several of the youth, including me, had been experimenting with addictive drugs. I, myself, started with the requisite alcohol, then moved on to... Read More

What We Didn’t Know

After three failed marriages, a habit of disappearing for weeks at a time, an arrest for child abandonment, and the inevitable loss of her family, my mother still did not attempt to stop drinking.My siblings, her sister, a former husband, and I... Read More

To the Edge and Back

After my mother posted my bail again, I left my third stint in a Florida county detention center ready to party.  Later that night, I found myself sobering up handcuffed to a hospital bed for another DUI.“You knocked over a fire hydrant and you... Read More

New Year’s Resolution Fulfilled By Choosing The Right Rehab

We’re starting to see it more and more now: the natural decline of New Year’s resolutions. It always amazes me how adamant people are to start fresh in the New Year; like they’re trying to outrun their mistakes and make themselves born all over... Read More

The Greatest Gift

I’ve had a difficult and confusing relationship with the holidays throughout the course of my life. As a child, I used to cherish them and anticipate them with excitement and glee. Then when I grew up, I initially saw them as a non-stop party; an... Read More

Rising Up From The Ashes

At a glance, it seemed like my addiction was pre-ordained. I grew up around an alcoholic father, my mother took sleeping pills like they were candy and my brother had a rabid cocaine habit. Did I ever really have a choice? The answer is yes. I... Read More

The Right Path

It is easy to sit there and preach to someone that addiction is a lifelong endeavor. As a person who's never experienced addiction, it can be easy to just minimize the day-by-day, minute-by-minute struggle faced by the recovery community. They don’t... Read More

Everyone Else’s Problem

I needed a way out and, for while, I just couldn’t find one. One of the things they don’t tell you about addiction is the way it turns you back into a whimpering little infant during the withdrawal process. The only difference between you and a... Read More

No More

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had been on one type of drug or another since the mid-90s and just wanted to end this self-defeating cycle of suffering. Sure, I had managed to build some facsimile of a life, but that only made the lower points... Read More