Codependency Treatment

The Dangers of Codependency

Victims of codependency consistently place the needs or wants of the other member of the relationship ahead of their own. In the case of addiction, this usually means enabling or giving in to drug and alcohol use. They are afraid of creating tension or turmoil within the relationship, so they conform to their loved one’s bad behavior. No matter what they do, their actions and efforts meant to please the other person are usually met with further hostility and often cause them to try even harder to please the other person.1 This vicious cycle only causes the neglected partner to place less importance on their own needs. Codependent relationships can lead to a significant decline in a person’s quality of life and makes it incredibly difficult for those abusing drugs and alcohol to get the help they need.

Addiction & Codependency Treatment Strategies

In order to break this cycle and for both parties to move forward, an addiction and codependency treatment center is usually a good option. Trying to function in a codependent relationship ultimately damages both people involved. It’s often difficult to even see the extent of codependency until it’s assessed and diagnosed by a mental health professional. There are usually deep-rooted confidence and self-worth issues at play in this condition. The longer a patient remains trapped in a codependent relationship, the more their self-worth erodes and the more they believe that they’re undeserving of love, respect, and appreciation.

The first step in moving forward is addressing the addicted partner’s substance abuse. They may start with removing their dependence on the drug by taking part in a program like a heroin detox and then transition into a comprehensive addiction treatment program that also focuses on their codependent relationship problem.

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, our treatment strategies provide expert care to codependent patients and helps their addicted loved ones at the same time. Our professionals identify codependency while assessing patients’ family dynamics and history. With our mental health treatment, patients learn to overcome their respective mental disorders as well as how to maintain harmony and mutual respect in their relationships.

Depending upon how much damage codependency has inflicted in patients’ relationships, we integrate group and individual counseling and codependency therapy to help patients recognize their independence. Our family addiction program in South Florida helps addicts and their families address codependency bonds and take steps to heal, create healthier relationships, and to move forward together.

Benefits of Addiction & Codependency Treatment

During the course of addiction treatment, the addict learns to:

  • Honestly assess their relationship with their loved one
  • Come to terms with their wrongdoings and forgive themselves
  • Learn healthier ways of communication to move forward
  • Evaluate the roots of their problems

At the same time the loved one of the addict learns to:

  • Set boundaries and parameters to help prevent tension and inequality
  • Accept the fact that they are not to blame for their loved one’s addiction
  • Establish a more assertive attitude in the context of their relationship
  • Learn to take a more positive and active role in their loved one’s recovery and continued sobriety

Psychiatric treatment also allows for exploration of the origins of the self-esteem issues that have contributed to codependency and allow the partner to leave with a plan to apply what they’ve learned into their relationships.

If you are trapped in a codependent relationship and your loved one is addicted to drugs, you both need help. Begin your journey to take hold of your life once more. Remember that you are a person of great value whose opinions, thoughts, and feelings matter. You deserve respect and have the right to live a happy and fulfilling life. Get your loved one the help they deserve with our addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach. You can help them improve their behavioral health and create a brighter future for the both of you.


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