Family Programs

Family Programs

 Families often play a central role in both substance abusing behavior and the recovery from that abuse. Dysfunctional family dynamics can sometimes lead individuals into the downward spiral of addiction, as they seek refuge from the trauma of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Conversely, families can provide the support that helps substance abusers seek treatment and avoid the temptation of relapse. Oftentimes the impact of family dynamics is more mixed and complex, but whatever the specific issues at play, families often play a critical role in an individual’s relationship to substance abuse and recovery. They play this role especially well in our family programs.

Family Programs for Addiction Treatment

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, our family programs provide education, support, and guidance to family members who are unsure of their role in their loved one’s recovery. Participants engage in group discussions, classes, and individual meetings to learn about the disease of addiction and how they can help their addicted family member stay focused on recovery and avoid relapse. Family members will also learn about enabling behaviors and how to avoid this during the recovery journey. At BHOPB, we understand that each family situation is unique and make sure to tailor the involvement of family members in a way that is appropriate for each individual in recovery.

How Families can Come Together and Move Past the Addiction

We also take special care to help start the process of repairing the family relationships that have often been strained or even shattered by the painful journey of substance abuse. This can be a critical element in the potential for the long-term success of former substance abusers, and we make every effort to start this process of healing off on the right foot during treatment. Sometimes these pieces cannot be completely put back together, but we help recovering addicts to build their new relationships on a solid foundation that rests on an understanding of how substance abuse can be a toxic ingredient for entire families, not just the addicted individual. Our family programs for addiction treatment help strengthen communication as well as allow each member to express their feelings in an open and safe space. By coming together and working through the struggles with a therapist, the entire family unit can come out of treatment stronger than ever.

There are many ways to show support when a loved one is suffering from substance abuse. By engaging in a family program and accompanying them to weekly meetings, you are expressing that you care and that you truly want the best for this individual in recovery. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, our family program for addiction treatment allows each family member to heal and move forward. If your loved one is suffering from any drug or alcohol addiction, contact our customized addiction treatment center in Palm Beach today. We have helped so many families come together and support their loved one through the recovery journey. It’s not too late to start over.