Codependency Treatment

What is Codependency?

Codependency is defined as a relationship in which one party enables another person’s bad behaviors. In terms of substance abuse, the enabler will allow the person who suffers from an addiction to continue their addiction while protecting them or minimizing the negative consequences of their behavior. While the enabler or codependent party may be trying to help their addicted loved one, they are usually making matters worse. Without a codependency intervention or treatment, the enabler will only continue to perpetuate the addiction.

As providers of mental health care in Palm Beach, we have seen codependent relationships between significant others, family members, and even friends. In order to fix these toxic relationships, the first step is recognizing the signs of codependency.

Signs of codependency include:

  • Denying that your addicted loved one has a problem
  • Giving an addicted loved one money
  • Providing transportation for them to buy drugs or alcohol
  • Making excuses to others for their behavior
  • Fear of honestly confronting an addicted loved one about their problem
  • Constantly putting their needs ahead of yours

The Dangers of Codependency

Codependency is dangerous for both the addict as well as the enabler. Because of how the enabler is acting, the addict may not think their problem is that bad. Without having to face the consequences of their actions, their behavior and addiction may only get worse. In worst-case scenarios, this may result in an overdose.

The codependent person is suffering as well. They consistently place the needs or wants of the other member of the relationship ahead of their own. Because they are afraid of creating tension or turmoil within the relationship, they may neglect to confront their loved ones. The result is often an internal struggle that can negatively affect both their mental and physical health. They will also have to continue to witness their loved one’s addiction issues, making their internal struggle worse.

Addiction & Codependency Treatment Strategies

There is no good that comes from a codependent relationship for both parties involved, so a formal codependency treatment center may be a good option. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, our codependency treatment strategies provide expert care to patients and their loved ones at the same time. Our professionals identify codependency while assessing patients’ family dynamics and history. With our help, patients and the codependent loved ones will both be able to move forward.

Benefits of Addiction & Codependency Treatment for the Addicted Person

The first step in moving forward is to address the addicted partner’s substance abuse. This will probably start by removing their dependence on the drug by taking part in a program like a heroin detox and then transitioning into a comprehensive program that also focuses on their codependent relationship problem.

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, our treatment strategies provide expert care to codependent patients and helps their addicted loved ones at the same time. Our professionals identify codependency while assessing patients’ family dynamics and history. With our mental health treatment, patients learn to overcome their respective mental disorders as well as how to maintain harmony and mutual respect in their relationships.

During the course of our codependency treatment program in Florida, the addict learns to:

  • Honestly assess their relationship with their loved one
  • Come to terms with their wrongdoings and forgive themselves
  • Learn healthier ways of communication to move forward
  • Evaluate the roots of their problems
  • Take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences

Codependency Therapy for the Enabler

The addicts aren’t the only ones who need help. Our family addiction program in South Florida helps addicts and their families address codependency bonds and take steps to heal, create healthier relationships, and move forward together.

During our codependency programs, the enabler learns to:

  • Set boundaries and parameters to help prevent tension and inequality
  • Accept the fact that they are not to blame for their loved one’s addiction
  • Establish a more assertive attitude in the context of their relationship
  • Take a more positive and active role in their loved one’s recovery and continued sobriety
  • Stop neglecting their own needs
  • Build back up their own self-worth

In the cases where the codependent loved one is in denial about their damaging behavior, an intervention for codependent relationships can help them recognize why what they have been doing is so harmful. It also helps them honestly, safely, and objectively assess their addicted loved one’s substance abuse.

If you are trapped in a codependent relationship and your loved one is addicted to drugs, you both need help. We can work with you to get your loved one the help they deserve with our addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach while also helping you move forward with codependency treatment. Call us now for help: (888) 432-2467.