Men Only Rehab

The Recovery Center for Men offers a program to address the unique and complex care needs of male patients. The program allows men to work through deeply embedded mental health issues that have negatively impacted their lives, while receiving treatment for corresponding drug and alcohol addiction. Our men only rehab program allows patients to safely and responsibly confront the expectations, pressures, and aggravating factors that have led to their substance abuse and have alienated them from their loved ones and colleagues.

Specialized, Innovative Therapy Tracks

Whether their addictions stem from trauma, stress, anxiety, professionally related mental illness, or a struggle with sexual identity, we’ve developed a full array of specialty tracks that patients can choose from so that they become better invested in their recovery, including:

Adult/Youth Therapy

This track helps male patients, ages 18 to 24 adjust their outlook through intensive group and individual counseling. Our staff uses a rewards-based approach through on-campus activities and by encouraging clients to positively affirm themselves during meetings. Activities consist of canoeing, fishing, sports, and nature walks. In addition to following a rewards-based treatment method, these activities help patients form meaningful, supportive relationships with each other.

Trauma Therapy

Unaddressed trauma is one of the most common pathways to addiction. Our staff specializes in the treatment of trauma and uses an Ego Strength Evaluation and the Resilience Scale to determine which methods to utilize in each male patient’s treatment. This track incorporates EMDR therapy, somatic experiencing, inner child work, family therapy, and other interventions when deemed appropriate.

Chronic Pain

The men’s program offers a non-opiate medical and holistic approach to treating chronic pain. This approach incorporates massage, acupuncture, group guided meditation, and individual Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) pain reduction sessions all under the supervision of medical staff.

Sexual Addiction

Our certified sexual addiction therapists help to identify patients who may be acting out impulsively through sexual activity as a way to “numb out” or enhance their chemical addiction. Throughout the treatment process, patients develop the tools needed to understand their disease and triggers for acting out, set healthy boundaries, and work toward genuine self-esteem and stable intimacy. Treatment also addresses the full spectrum of co-occurring issues, such as substance abuse, emotional trauma, eating disorders, and other addictions, culminating in the establishment of a Sexual Sobriety Plan (at discharge) that serves as a lifelong behavioral guide.

Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders and has caused countless patients to turn to substance abuse. The men’s program offers comprehensive anxiety management, utilizing innovative therapies such as EMDR, tai chi, and music therapy in conjunction with group and individual counseling. Treatment begins with a thorough assessment to determine a patient’s level of anxiety and what methods to use.

Anger Management

This track helps patients to safely and constructively manage and process their anger in order to minimize damage to themselves and others. Our therapists help patients explore the origins of their anger issues and guide them toward a philosophy of forgiveness, inner harmony, and resolution. Treatment consists of targeted individual therapy, comprehensive education about their condition, and the development of personal coping skills that will help patients mitigate their anger.

Christian Track

The Men’s Program offers a specialized track to patients who draw strength from their faith. It focuses on one’s personal relationship with God. Through emphasis on scripture, hope and group and individual sessions, patients come to realize that recovery is possible in even the most desperate of circumstances.


This track focuses on the education and recognition of the relationship between codependency and addiction in aims of treating both conditions. The process consists of learning about codependent relationships, identifying how they affect recovery, family involvement, and the development of strategies to correct unhealthy codependent behavior. This track requires the participation of both parties and a mutual recognition and understanding of how to move forward.

First Responders

Our first responders track helps veterans, law enforcement, and emergency personnel who have succumbed to substance abuse due to the high-stress nature of their professions. Patients will have the opportunity to discuss how job-related issues have contributed to their addiction and to connect with peers who can identify and relate to these issues. Patients are assessed for grief and loss issues, anger, anxiety, trauma, sexual addiction, and identity issues.

Aviation Professionals

This track is designed specifically for patients who work in the field of aviation. Pilots are educated through the Recovery Connection Guide to HIMS AA/AE Pilot Edition (HIMS-Human Intervention Motivation Study). Flight attendants are linked to the AFA (Association of Flight Attendants) to establish a direct sober support system to utilize throughout their journey of recovery. Patients also receive nutritional assessment, stress reduction through LSN, and participate in groups geared toward reducing anxiety.

Health Care Professionals

This track provides education to medical personnel who are struggling with drug dependency. Doctors are specifically educated about the Caduceus Groups for Doctors and the value of these groups as a direct support system. Nurses are educated on the RAMP (Recovery and Monitoring Program) guidelines out of New Jersey and IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses) for Florida. This track also places strong emphasis on stress reduction and coping skills to live with anxiety.

The Recovery Center for Men also offers specialty groups and individual sessions for those who are questioning their sexual orientation. These resources help gay and bi-sexual men to address the long-standing fear and discrimination that so often perpetuate mental illness and prevent them from getting meaningful addiction treatment.

The men’s program helps male patients heal from addiction and work through core mental health issues in a supportive environment.

To address the unique and specific needs of men struggling with addiction, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers a men only rehab. If you’re a male addict looking for a way out of addiction, contact us today at (888) 432-2467 to begin treatment.