South Florida Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is a complex, delicate and dangerous condition. Whether an individual turns to drinking through genetic predisposition, trauma, or other external factors, they need quality, expert and compassionate care to help them sort out the psychological issues that have led to dependency. Our South Florida alcohol rehab programs give patients the time, assistance and confidence they need to get a fresh start and rebuild their lives. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for alcoholism and that patients wind up needing help because of a unique and complicated series of circumstances.

Our goal during alcohol rehab is to start from scratch and deconstruct the fears, anxieties, entanglements, and traumas of patients’ pasts. This is achieved through both group and individual examination, during which patients grow increasingly aware of the factors that have contributed to their addictions and how to avoid them in their recovery. Throughout alcohol rehab, we make every effort to strengthen our patients’ resistance.

Focused Alcohol Rehab for Each Individual Patient

Our South Florida alcohol rehab facilities provide focused and specialized care to each of our patients, including programs that address familial and professional life. For many of our patients, the stress and pressures of family life and their chosen career have played a direct role in the development and escalation of their addiction. In these cases, we incorporate their professional lives and family dynamic into their treatment to help them not only to heal as individuals; but to remain effective, productive, and fulfilled in their careers. We currently offer programs for professional athletes, executives, aviation professionals, law enforcement and military personnel, and public safety officials.

Our research and evidence-based practices and continuous analysis of cutting-edge addiction care trends allow us to stay ahead of the clinical curve and provide our patients with the best possible care. One of the main aspects of our behavioral health-based programs is to facilitate self-examination by our patients. Each patient needs to learn what he or she needs to do to stay focused on their recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle after rehab.

Our South Florida alcohol rehab facility takes a comprehensive healing approach. We identify and address the many factors which have contributed to a patient’s alcoholism. We then utilize a wide range of therapies to help patients understand the patterns that lead to alcohol abuse and then give them the self-awareness to gain control over their addiction.

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