Florida Drug Alcohol Treatment

Although each patient’s condition is unique, their addictions very often manifest through similar psychological disorders and mental health complications. Regrettably, they also suffer the same types of setbacks such as estrangement from family, professional turmoil, a decline in physical health, and severe financial strain. Our comprehensive brand of Florida drug and alcohol treatment addresses both the origins and aftermath of patients’ addictions and sets them on the path to healthy living.

Perhaps, you started drinking to cope with trauma, or you are battling an addiction to opioids because you started taking them for a legitimate medical condition but couldn’t stop. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is sensitive to the psychological complexities of addiction and realizes that no substance abuse problem comes out of thin air. The bulk of our rehab programs consist of in-depth counseling and behavioral modification that is tailored to patients’ histories and circumstances.

Simultaneous Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Many of our patients come to us in need of care for both drug and alcohol dependency. It’s not uncommon for drug abuse and drinking to go hand in hand. Mixing drugs and alcohol exposes patients to unpredictable and deadly health problems of which they’re usually unaware. In these particular cases, one addiction usually gives way to the other and once an individual starts engaging in simultaneous addiction, the likelihood of overdose is increased and expedited. One of the more common, and deadly, examples of this behavior is the mixture of pills and alcohol.

During their Florida drug and alcohol treatment experience at one Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ locations, our simultaneous addiction patients receive quality medical care for both of their addictions. One of the first steps in the treatment process is conducting a thorough patient evaluation, which includes a medical and psychological care history. This is critical in assessing how each course of substance abuse has affected their body and what, if any, medications can be administered. After patients’ conditions have been addressed and stabilized by our experts, counseling and personalized rehab can begin.

Give Yourself the Best Chance to Heal

Florida has the fourth largest population in the United States, and one of the largest addicted populations as well. Regrettably, the state has become an incubator for alcoholism and drug abuse. Widespread addiction has opened the door to countless alternative treatment options, some of which may be counter-productive to patients in need of serious long-term care. There is no express route to sobriety. The best way to defeat addiction and to get proper help with a mental disorder is to give yourself the time and resources necessary to achieve total recovery and adopt sobriety as part of your new life plan.

It’s not uncommon for a person to become addicted to both drugs and alcohol, increasing their chances of overdosing or experiencing any number of other physical and psychological health difficulties. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches can offer a path to recovery for both addictions, and help patients reclaim their lives.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!