Florida Alcohol Recovery

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has tailored our alcoholism treatment programs to address each one of our patients’ complex care needs. The reality of recovery is that it is never over; it’s a pursuit and idea that our patients embrace and integrate into their everyday lives. We have grown to be a leader in Florida alcohol recovery because our relationships with our alumni continue well after they leave our facilities. This continued accessibility is particularly helpful for alcoholic patients who encounter temptation even as part of normal social situations.

What Does Successful Alcohol Recovery Look Like?

Individuals who are successful in alcohol recovery develop and sustain a pattern of healthy living, relationship building, and management of adverse circumstances without drinking. The idea of recovery is not to put a timestamp on it but to recognize its continued importance in overall health and to blend it into life. This includes attending regular meetings, developing coping and resistance strategies to prevent relapse, and maintaining good physical and mental health.

The Critical Importance of Statewide Florida Alcohol Recovery

Although we have helped patients from all of the country overcome their dependence on alcohol and reclaim their lives, we’ve felt the direct impact of widespread alcoholism right here in Florida. Excessive drinking is linked to a sizable portion of statewide crime, including: 42% of homicides, 40% of rapes and assaults (respectively), and 35% of robberies. Each year, alcohol use costs the state of Florida nearly $20 billion. Many of these cases involve individuals who have sought treatment at facilities that were not able to effectively address their needs.

We understand the importance of quality treatment, not just on an individual level, but on a community level as well. Healthy, productive individuals comprise healthy, safe and productive neighborhoods. This is why we work to build a successful and vibrant recovery population, one individual at a time while partnering with community organizations to allow our patients to successfully re-orientate themselves to the world around them.

With Patients Through Each Stage of Recovery

From the moment they reach out for help to the moment they begin to rebuild their lives after treatment, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches remains heavily invested in the progress and continued mental health of our patient population. We provide an unmatched Florida alcohol recovery experience and comprehensive care through each crucial stage of their journey back to wellness.

Each patient gets the personalized attention they need for their unique conditions and disorders, including the trauma, depression, and anxiety that is so often linked to alcoholism and drug addiction. It’s imperative to be able to cope with the past for patients to be able to build a healthy future and enjoy lasting freedom from alcohol.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers a comprehensive Florida alcohol recovery program to help our patient population defeat addiction and reclaim their lives. Our experienced professionals work with our patients during each stage of their recovery, even extending beyond treatment received within our facility into aftercare.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!