Florida Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol’s immense popularity throughout Florida and the rest of the United States has made it very easy for individuals in recovery to relapse. In order to successfully and definitively heal from alcohol addiction, it’s critical that patients make every effort to avoid contact with alcohol whenever possible; however, this isn’t always realistic. Our Florida inpatient alcohol rehab programs help patients to not only overcome the physical aspects of their alcohol abuse but also to develop the strength and confidence necessary to resist relapse in the face of inevitable temptation.

The psychological complexities of alcoholism can’t be solved overnight. Inpatient rehab allows alcoholics to build themselves back up while designing a long-term plan for healthy living and addressing the damage their addiction caused them and the people close to them. We offer one of the nation’s top alcohol rehab programs and have guided thousands of patients to independence from alcohol and a healthier and more rewarding life.

Total Healing for Life-Long Sobriety

Florida is home to hundreds of thousands of alcoholics; however, there are many more casualties of the disease. Families and friends of alcoholics suffer right alongside them and have to endure the fallout of their loved one’s addicted behavior. We provide a Florida inpatient alcohol rehab experience in which patients can reflect on the long-term damage their alcoholism has caused and develop the strength and focus to start rebuilding.

We recognize that our patients often come to us from severely strained relationships with their families, friends, and colleagues, and work to integrate their loved ones into their recovery. No matter what the circumstances, patients’ chances of success will increase if they have a loving and supportive network of people behind them when they get out. Failure to address these critical lifestyle factors during rehab will only result in increased stress on the patient and further the likelihood of relapse.

The Right Choice for Lasting Recovery

The reality is that most outpatient programs simply don’t provide the resources necessary to achieve lasting recovery from alcoholism. While many help patients to get clean, they aren’t set up to provide a solid foundation of strength for patients who are often fragile and vulnerable upon entering rehab. They allow patients to re-enter potentially dangerous circumstances and leave them susceptible to relapse. This is particularly true for alcoholics who, if of legal age, can very easily buy alcohol.

Helping to Restore Your Mental Health

We blend quality care and long-term advocacy to offer patients total recovery, no matter how long they’ve been suffering. We pride ourselves on helping members of our community and patients all over the country achieve total independence from alcohol and restore their families, careers, health, and quality of life.

The Florida inpatient alcohol rehab program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches not only helps patients get clean; it helps them stay that way. Work with our addiction therapists to build the confidence, strength, and willpower you need to take control of your addiction and avoid future relapse. Many outpatient programs lack the support and total healing benefits of our inpatient rehab.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!