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Vance Johnson

Marketing Liasion/Personal Trainer – Recovery Center for Men

During his career with the Denver Broncos, former NFL wide receiver Vance Johnson started drinking to escape the pressures and reality of his life. The tragic and untimely loss of his son caused Vance’s alcohol addiction to worsen, sending him down a desperate and self-destructive spiral which eventually culminated in a 26-day coma. He stopped eating and had given up the will to live. Vance woke from his coma only to wish that he was dead. Alcoholism had completely taken over his life.

After a series of failed recovery attempts, Vance drew upon his faith in God and the determination that made him a fierce competitor on the playing field to once again endeavor sobriety, this time at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. He gave himself over to his treatment program and learned from the experiences of our alumni to launch a successful recovery. Vance has opened up himself to the benefits of recovery and, since completing his treatment, has been instrumental in helping patients in our Men’s Program overcome their addiction and reclaim their lives.

Despite his exemplary NFL career, Vance says that he has more in his life now than he ever had.