Infographic: Long term alcohol & drug rehab produces better results

This infographic uses data from and the National Institute on Drug Abuse to argue for the increased effectiveness of long term alcohol & drug rehab as opposed to shorter-term options. In this case, “long term” is defined as rehabs that last 90 days or more, unlike the more common 30 days (or shorter) variety. It begins with two bar graphs that illustrate 1 year success rates for alcohol and drug rehabs respectively. The first shows a 15% success rate for long term alcohol rehab, compared to a 9% success rate for short term options. The second graph shows long term drug rehabs having a 53% success rates versus only a 19% success rate for short term drug rehabs. The infographic concludes with the success rates for treatment programs for physicians that tend to have monitoring and support for 5 years or more: an impressive 79%.