How to Stop Self-Harm

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How to Stop Self Harm

How to Stop Self-Harm

Self-harm refers to the act of hurting yourself on purpose. It’s often a result of mental illness and can take its toll on a person’s health and physical appearance. Individuals struggling with mental illness often use self-harm in an attempt to control the emotional pain they may be feeling. A person who has struggled with mental illness for a long period of time may not know how to stop self-harm.

At our rehab center in Palm Beach, we offer a variety of programs to treat mental illness and addiction. Addiction and mental illness often go hand in hand, and self-harm is one of the many effects of poor mental health. 

Signs of Self-Harm

People can do self-harm in many ways. Some acts of self-harm include:

  • Cutting your skin
  • Burning your skin
  • Punching or hitting yourself 
  • Drug abuse
  • Binge eating
  • Starving yourself

Self-harm and mental illness often go hand in hand. It’s not uncommon for an individual struggling with mental illness to inflict pain on themselves. Drug abuse is also tied to mental illness and self-harm. People who use drug abuse as a way to harm themselves are at risk of developing an addiction and worsening their mental health.

You or a loved one can avoid the aftermath of self-harm with the proper treatment. With our residential mental health treatment, people can learn how to stop self-harm and improve mentally in the safety of our rehab facility.


Ways to Deal with Self-Harm

Dealing with self-harm can be difficult. Many people rely on self-harm as a way to self-medicate through emotional and mental distress they’re experiencing. There are different ways to stop self-harm.


Take up a New Hobby

Keep yourself distracted with a new hobby. Hobbies are a great way to keep you busy and provide you with the opportunity to learn a new skill. Whether it’s drawing, dancing, sports, or even origami, you can turn to this hobby when you feel the need to self-harm.


Practice Self-Care

Consciously making the effort to treat yourself with love can help you avoid self-harming. Self-care can include anything positive and safe that makes you happy. For example, things like taking bubble baths, reading, meditating, journaling, going to the salon, or going out for a walk, are some of the ways you can set aside time to learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. You can reverse the desire to self-harm by setting aside time to learn how to care for yourself.


Connect with Others

A good way to avoid self-harming is by staying connected with others. Talking or spending time with loved ones can keep you busy and remind you of the people in your life who want the best for you. Self-harm can isolate you from your friends and family, but consistently talking to others can keep you from feeling lonely. 

Individuals who isolate themselves from loved ones may be suffering from depression. With our depression recovery treatment in Florida, we provide individuals with the tools they need to maintain their mental health during and after treatment. 


Seek Treatment 

Sometimes self-harm is just one symptom of a bigger problem. The best thing you can do for yourself or a loved one who can’t stop self-harming is to seek out effective treatment. Professional treatment can increase the chances of a successful and long-term recovery from self-harm and even mental illness. 

At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we know that many people who suffer from self-harm don’t know how to stop. We advise anyone who struggles with this problem, as well as mental illness or addiction, to get treatment right away.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction or mental illness, call us now at 561-220-3981 to learn more about the treatments we offer.

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