How to Start the New Year off Strong in Recovery

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New year in recovery

With any start to a new year, this is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and to set realistic goals for yourself.

A new year is the symbol for hope and new beginnings and if you are a newly recovering addict, this is a crucial time in your recovery journey. It’s so important to start this year off with an action plan for how you will preserve your sobriety. You can learn the tools for success in addiction treatment, but it’s how you apply these tools in the everyday setting that truly matters. At Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we understand the importance of setting attainable recovery goals for the new year. We provide individualized addiction treatment services in Palm Beach for all who are battling with substance abuse.

New Year’s Sober Goals

We suggest that you set broad goals for yourself that you know you wish to achieve throughout the year. These can include improving your exercise routine, engaging with other sober individuals, and practicing self-care. You should also set monthly and even weekly goals so that you can make sure you are staying on track with your recovery efforts. You can commit to your sobriety by attending weekly sober meetings and keeping up with therapy sessions. Other sober goals include staying active and eating healthy. This will ultimately improve your well-being, which goes hand in hand with your sobriety. If you engage in activities that make you feel better and happier, you won’t deal with added stress that can lead to triggers.

Focus on building your support network as these people will truly help you get through the difficult times you may experience in recovery. It’s important to leave the past in the past and not dwell on your mistakes and addiction. This is the time to start over and transition into a new lifestyle with sobriety. You will live a more fulfilled life when you start to commit to your sobriety. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, help is available. Seeking treatment will be the best decision you can make for you and your family. Contact us today at 561-220-3981.

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