BHOPB’s Susan Naversen and Dick DiGregorio Discuss Gambling Addiction on the Radio

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches addiction care specialists Susan Naversen and Dick Gregorio recently appeared on the radio to discuss the prevalence and real-life dangers of gambling addiction, as well as BHOPB’s commitment to helping treat this increasing population of addicts.

On January 28, BHOPB’s own Susan Naversen appeared on 850 WFTL’s Joyce Kaufman show to discuss the rampant spread of gambling addiction, specifically among elderly women. Revealing that problem gambling among elderly women has increased 60% since 2011, she also describes the many consequences of problem gambling among this particularly vulnerable age group, including loss of social security money, family estrangement and more. Another part of the conversation included the many ways elderly women are succumbing to gambling addiction in the first place and how many are actually pre-disposed to this dangerous behavior.

Two days later, gambling addiction survivor and specialist Dick DiGregorio appeared on 640 Sports’ Sid Rosenberg show to talk about his personal journey of addiction and his commitment to helping patients find peace and successfully overcome this disease through his work at BHOPB. Like Susan, Dick also discussed the heightened rates of gambling addiction among elderly women and invited all who suffer from problem gambling to reach out to him and Behavioral Health of the Beaches for help.

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