Drug Detox

Once an individual starts abusing drugs, it\'s only a matter of time before abuse turns into dependency. At that point, the difficulty of drug detox – the process of ridding the body of a toxin while managing the withdrawal symptoms – will significantly increase due to the change in the patient\'s body chemistry. The longer the chemicals of drug addiction are allowed to linger, the more arduous detox is likely to be. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches realizes the time-sensitive nature of the drug detox process, and offers expert, medically managed, traditional inpatient detox in all of our locations. Detox is arguably the most important part of the drug treatment process, because it helps to restore a patient’s focus, lucidity and strength.

Safely Detox from Drugs

Many individuals battling drug addiction are afraid of the withdrawal process associated with detox; however, our team of medical experts use cutting-edge, research-based practices to provide symptom relief.

The Importance of Proper Professional Drug Detox

Drug detox is a sensitive medical procedure and should be left to professionals. Individuals who attempt to detox on their own experience dramatically higher relapse rates and hardly ever achieve a full recovery. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ facilities offer safe, sterile, and comfort-oriented detox. We\'re one of the only behavioral health care organizations in the area to offer the option of detox at our facility. Our experts are trained to treat the symptoms of every form of addiction and work with patients to successfully complete detox and move onto rehab.

Our Drug Detox Program

Our drug detox program starts with a thorough assessment of patients\' medical conditions to determine what methods of symptom relief and medication are available. Throughout the detox process, our doctors monitor patients\' cases every step of the way and make continued clinical recommendations based on progress and improved health. We have personnel standing by 24/7 to address any medical emergencies and see to the patients\' care and comfort. Once patients complete detox – usually after about 10 days – they’re left feeling refreshed, energized, and better than they\'ve felt in a long time.

Benefits of Traditional Inpatient Drug Detox

There are many treatment options that claim to be quick and pain-free. In fact, many promise patients that they won\'t feel a thing and offer what is known as ultra-rapid or anesthesia-based detox. Patients who have gone through these programs report diminished results and claim to feel as sick as when they first entered detox. Additionally, patients in these programs often experience serious and life-threatening medical incidents because they failed to disclose pre-existing conditions that would have disqualified them from the process. Traditional inpatient drug detox is – case for case – the most effective means of beginning the treatment process and helping patients get clean.

Begin your recovery from drug addiction with a safe and responsibly administered drug detox. Contact us today at (888) 432-2467 to begin treatment.