What You Should Know About Black Market Drugs

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What You Should Know About Black Market Drugs

Drugs are an important tool of modern medicine that continues to evolve. They are also one of the most susceptible to illegal practices of manufacturing and disbursement. In other words, if they can make money from it, criminals on the Black Market will find a way to get their hands on the opportunity. Today, our Lake Worth drug rehab will dive deeper into the world of Black Market drugs. 

What Is the Drug Black Market? 

Ask yourself, what is the difference between drugs procured on the Black Market and drugs obtained through a pharmacy or prescription? To put it simply: who made it. Drugs in our market go through an intense vetting process before they are available for purchase. Any drug developed or sold outside of those guidelines is considered a product of the Black Market. So, while illegal drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroin are sold out there, the drug Black Market is also involved in manufacturing faulty versions of legal, well-known medicines that require a written prescription.  

The Dangers of Black Market Drugs 

Without going through the necessary channels of testing and safety procedures, drugs found on the Black Market have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Essentially, anything could be in them. Some recorded ingredients found in Black Market drugs include:  

  • Rat poison 
  • Cement 
  • Arsenic 
  • Mercury 

In these cases, these drugs can easily cause more harm than good, and the ones who are likely to fall victim to these dangers are the ones who did not have much choice in the first place. 

Why Do People Use Black Market Drugs? 

Considering the dangers and uncertainty, it may come as a surprise to learn how common illegally obtained drugs can be. Every situation is different, as are people’s reasons for taking a certain drug and how or why they have it in the first place. For anyone living in America, it is not hard to conceptualize why people would risk their health to avoid going through the process of obtaining a prescription: it is just too expensive.  

A 2018 study found that 16% of diabetics were forced to ration their insulin as opposed to taking it as the doctor prescribed, simply because the drug had become unaffordable. When considering the link between physical illness and drug use, it is understandable why people may go to great lengths to ensure they have the medication they need, such as buying drugs through the Black Market. It serves as a grim reality of the current market and how it hurts those who rely on it to survive.  

Black Market Drugs and Addiction 

There is a clear “benefit” of procuring drugs on the Black Market for both drug dealers and people with drug addiction: no regulations to follow. Considering the effects of drugs on the mind and body, it is understandable why people with substance use disorders may turn to unregulated versions of the drugs they use. Take away a doctor to keep that person on track, and addiction or overdose becomes that much more likely. 

Furthermore, considering the obscurity of the Black Market, drug dealers take advantage of vulnerable customers to make as much profit as possible. To do this, they may lace drugs with harmful chemicals and substances, further increasing users’ risks of overdose and death.  

If you or a loved one needs the opportunity to safely withdraw from the misuse of a substance, our BHOPB detox center offers a variety of safe programs designed to do just that.  

How We Can Help 

Our Banyan Lake Worth rehab offers various types of treatments designed to aid you in your journey towards sobriety. You deserve access to safe medication and effective therapies. 

Call Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches today at 561-220-9621 for more information about our addiction treatment in Lake Worth and how to get started.  



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