Alumni Programs

A recovering addict may be at their most vulnerable in the days, weeks and months following rehab. It is at this stage that, having left the controlled environment of treatment, they are faced with many of the same stresses and temptations that led them into substance abuse in the first place. Sometimes, they may feel alone in their struggle to stay sober, cut off from the supportive environment they experienced in rehab. The danger of relapse is very real during this period, and those in recovery need as much support as they can get in order to remain clean and start building a strong foundation for the rest of their life. Our alumni programs are able to provide it.

man in front of open door symbolizes taking the next step as many do in our alumni programs

Support and understanding lie at the heart of the alumni programs at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. We use several initiatives to remain in consistent contact with our rehab graduates to make sure they\'re continuing on the path of recovery and to provide any assistance in handling temptation and in preventing relapses. By connecting individuals in recovery who have shared the same experiences in treatment, our alumni programs build upon the levels of trust and support that individuals in rehab have already developed with their peers in the program. This enables the recovering addict to begin their post-treatment life on day one with a supportive network of people to whom they can turn if they encounter any obstacles or set-backs.

several hands placed upon each other symbolize the camaraderie of our alumni programs

In addition to our standard alumni programs, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches also offers resources for individualized aftercare, including referrals for individual counseling and transitional living options. At BHOPB, we do not see the end of rehab as the end of our commitment to our clients; we continue to provide the support and guidance that can be so critical in the post-treatment period.