Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is sensitive to the fact that our patients’ journeys of recovery do not end once they leave treatment. We are committed to helping our alumni successfully readjust to life after treatment by offering them long-term guidance and assistance during this potentially difficult transition. Our supportive alumni network helps to prevent relapse and provides patients and families with a recovery advocate to help stay on track.

Comprehensive and Proactive Patient Advocacy

Consistent patient outreach is the cornerstone of our alumni support network. Regular communication allows us to check their progress and offer heightened support when needed. Our alumni outreach services offer one year of contact, beginning the first week of treatment. The process starts with an in-person meeting between patient and staff. We then establish and maintain a call schedule with patients and up to two other points of contact (typically a family member or close friend).  Calls will be placed once per week to patients’ point of contact while they’re in treatment.

Joining the Alumni Network After Discharge

Upon discharge, our staff will maintain telephone contact in order to monitor the patient’s success. Patients will be called at least once per week, decreasing as the year progresses and as the patients get more comfortable in their recovery. During calls, our representatives will ensure that patients are staying on track by asking them a series of questions about their behavior, experiences, and feelings as time moves forward. We then verify patients’ sobriety by following up with the additional contacts on our list. Patients’ success in the alumni network is largely dependent on their involvement and that of their designated loved ones. The contacts must make the commitment to monitor patients and be honest in their reporting.

In the event of relapse, our alumni staff will contact the designated point person and coordinate with our admissions team to bring patients back into treatment, including re-verifying insurance, making appropriate referral for intervention, or any other steps necessary to get the patients the help they need.

Ideal for Sustained Recovery and Lasting Wellness

Our alumni outreach services have benefited a variety of individuals, including:

  • Patients who have been in treatment at BHOPB multiples times
  • Patients admitted through intervention
  • Patients with a long history of relapse
  • Patients facing significant health and legal ramifications
  • Patients recommended by one of our clinicians

Our alumni services are one of the many elements that set us apart from other addiction care organizations. We work to relieve patient anxiety about entering treatment and re-entering society. We provide patients with an experienced and invested ally during the more vulnerable points of their recovery and help them take advantage of the post-treatment recovery resources that are available to them.

Call (844) 381-8670 to learn more about these alumni services that, above all, provide patients and families with peace-of-mind.