Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our model of treating the whole patient is ideal for dual diagnosis patients. Dual diagnosis treatment is a complex and delicate process, requiring the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of two distinct mental disorders: chemical or alcohol dependency as well as a separate disorder that may very well be responsible for the addiction. Patients are assessed by a clinical psychiatrist and an ARNP when they arrive and have a plan designed based on post-assessment recommendations.

As dual diagnosis patients’ co-occurring disorders directly affect and exacerbate one another, it has always been our practice to treat them with equal importance, simultaneously. We provide customized Florida dual diagnosis treatment that incorporates medical detox, innovative specialized therapies and expert care from dedicated professionals who are specially trained in dual diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation.

Complexity of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment ensures that patients not only get help for their addictions, but also for the underlying stressors and disorders that trigger them. Treatments that just focus on the patient’s immediate addiction are setting them up to relapse because they fail to address why they started using in the first place. Our innovative Florida dual diagnosis treatment programs treat the overlapping symptoms of the addiction and separate disorder while tracing their origins via intense group and individual counseling.

Expert Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

Over half of those battling drug abuse suffer from at least one form of mental illness, as well as nearly 40% of all alcoholics. One of the more difficult parts of treating these patients is knowing which symptoms belong to what disorder. This is why we have a large staff of expert clinicians trained in the best practices, methodology, and administration of dual diagnosis care.

The sequence of our program is broken down as follows:

  • Assessment from both our clinical care and psychiatric professionals
  • Medically supervised detox and management of any lingering withdrawal symptoms
  • Administration of customized rehab, including: recreational therapies, group counseling, 12-step meetings, individual examination, and, if necessary, trauma therapy

We realize that mental disorders can be extremely disruptive to one’s quality of life and also provide transitional assistance in which patients learn the life skills necessary to continue their successful recovery. The reality is that mental health services aren’t very accommodating to dual diagnoses patients; however, programs like ours give patients the comprehensive care they need to defeat addiction and manage their mental illness in a healthy and productive way.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ Florida dual diagnosis treatment focuses on healing the whole patient addictions and mental disorders simultaneously. Rehab centers that concentrate solely on the addiction are setting up patients for potential relapse.

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