Florida Drug Intervention

Before any treatment can begin, patients have to admit that they need help and enter a program. When it becomes clear to everyone except your loved one that they have a drug problem and need professional treatment, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches can provide immediate, effective, and organized Florida drug intervention services. We work with clients to help assemble intervention groups, arrange treatment, moderate the actual process, and take the logistical burden off their shoulders. The process of organizing an intervention is emotionally exhausting. By the time an individual’s drug problem gets to the point of intervention, their families and friendships are usually hanging by a thread. We help families and friends repair their relationships with their addicted loved ones and build a support system as they enter treatment.

Honest and Judgment-Free Intervention

The primary focus of drug intervention is to illustrate to an individual just how far their drug abuse has gone and the damage it’s done to their health, relationships, and quality of life. This takes delicacy, discretion, and experience. Our compassionate and knowledgeable Florida drug intervention professionals will act with objectivity and focus to keep judgment and hostility out of the process. It’s very easy for well-intentioned interventions to turn into petty and counter-productive bickering. Patients often feel blindsided or ambushed. Our professionals will keep the meeting from becoming acrimonious and ending prematurely with hurt feelings and irreparable damage.

What Does Drug Intervention Entail?

During a drug intervention, the person in need of treatment is confronted by a group of concerned loved ones with how their drug abuse has compromised each one of their relationships. Members of the group read essays or just cite specific examples of how their relationship has been damaged by their addiction. After the group has had a chance to speak, an offer of treatment is extended. The process is considered to be the first step toward recovery.

Florida drug intervention is an integral part of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ continuum of care. After a patient agrees to get help, we’re ready to immediately deploy a full menu of comprehensive care services, designed around their needs. We can facilitate the swift transition that patients need in this time-sensitive matter and immediately begin the treatment process. We’ve helped hundreds of families convince their loved one to accept professional help and have followed through with comprehensive and compassionate care.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

For many of our patients, drug intervention has meant the difference between life and death. Too many patients suffer needlessly when a friend or family could have helped guide them into treatment. If your loved has shown signs of drug dependency, such as poor health, behavioral changes or decline in quality of life, we’re ready to provide swift and immediate professional Florida drug intervention.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is here to help coordinate and conduct a successful Florida drug intervention. We help families get their loved ones back, all starting with a crucial intervention. The first step to your loved one getting help is them realizing they need it. Often, the first step in helping them realize this is an effective intervention.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!