Florida Alcohol Intervention

Millions of families and friendships are held hostage by alcohol abuse. A drinking problem is often less obvious than drug addiction. Loved ones of alcoholics often have a harder time confronting their loved one because they’re unsure of their footing and don’t want to further strain the relationship. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches recognizes the complex psychological elements involved in this process and provides professional Florida alcohol intervention services to families and friends of alcoholics. Intervention can mark the beginning of recovery and the reconnection of an alcoholic’s closest relationships.

You’ve Accepted That Your Loved One Needs Help To Get Better

We understand how important it is for your loved to get the help they need for their alcohol abuse, which is why we recommend using experienced professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our specialists are trained interventionists and understand the psychological obstacles that addicts face when considering whether or not to enter treatment.

We will provide the following benefits throughout the intervention process:

  • Assistance with group selection
  • Arrangement of meeting logistics
  • Unbiased guidance and counseling regarding how to handle your loved one’s actions
  • An objective and rational voice of moderation during the intervention
  • A trained eye to identify key problems inhibiting an alcoholic’s path to progress
  • Assistance arranging treatment so your loved can quickly, and without interruption, enter treatment
  • Follow-up services to ensure progress is being made and the terms of the intervention are being adhered to

Our Florida alcohol intervention services not only help alcoholics enter treatment but everyone whose life has suffered or has been disrupted due to their loved one’s addiction. Though organizing the intervention is a collaborative effort, our professionals undertake the majority of the logistical work, so clients can focus on their daily lives without having to devote all of their time to the process.

After the Alcohol Intervention

Once your loved one has agreed to seek treatment, we will be there to provide expert comprehensive care, including medically supervised detox and counseling to address the contributing factors that led to their alcoholism. We take the trust of our patients and their loved ones very seriously and work to integrate families into recovery. Don’t let fear or confusion compromise your loved one’s health. We’re ready to provide expert Florida alcohol intervention.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has helped thousands of families coordinate effective interventions to begin changing their loved ones’ lives. Our Florida alcohol intervention services help stop the bleeding and begin the healing.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!