Empowerment through Spirituality

The spiritual therapists at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches realize how important faith is in the healing process. Long before the development of modern medicine, people relied on their spirituality to give them strength and promote good health. Prolonged addiction not only damages a person mentally and physically, it harms their spirit as well. Spiritual therapy begins the process of total healing from the inside out.

We use Bible teachings and readings from other religious texts to draw direct parallels to our patients\’ lives. Our spiritual therapies seamlessly integrate the inspiration and motivation found in scripture with the healing and recovery power of our drug and alcohol rehab treatments. Patients lean on their faith and the word of God to battle addiction and the demons which brought them down the wrong path.

All Faiths Accepted

We believe in offering our patients as much help as possible on their road to recovery. Our spiritual therapists offer regular religious services and conduct rejuvenating group therapy sessions where patients apply the teachings and word of God to their lives. These group therapy sessions allow patients to begin creating new bonds and gain strength through a community.

In addition to offering Christian based drug and alcohol rehab, our spiritual therapies also collaborate with many other programs that run in our facilities. We also have spiritual rehab programs geared toward Jewish and Muslim patients, as well as any other faith or denomination.

More than Belief in God

Spiritual programs at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches allow our patients to discover, rediscover or strengthen their relationship with a higher power, while simultaneously receiving treatment for their addiction issues. Our experts have found that this combination can lead to long term health and recovery.

Even for patients who do not believe in God, the act of spiritual exploration involves much more than praise and worship. Practices such as meditation, getting in touch with nature, yoga and qigong allow patients to gain greater clarity, self-awareness and heightened senses – all of which are linked to spirituality.

Our Spiritual Leaders

  • Rev. Don Earhart – Director of the Christian Program

Begin Changing Your Life Today

When a recovering addict begins to explore, cultivate and heal their spirituality, they are empowered with more strength in their battle against addiction and are also more inspired to begin reflecting on their moral outlook. By being given the opportunity to think about what they want out of their lives, patients can feel motivated to move through their rehab toward recovery and may grasp the chance to redefine themselves following treatment.

You or your loved one don’t have to go through recovery alone. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about what a spiritual therapy, and community, can do for one’s healing process.