Dual Diagnosis Treatment: A Cure for Inner Demons

Saying that my stepsister Lauren has always been high-strung is definitely putting it lightly.  Before being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, among other things, my family and I thought she was only overacting emotionally for the need of attention.  Through her late teen years she continued to grow more emotionally unstable, thrashing out with almost insane like anger at the drop of a hat.  Her fluctuating mood swings were soon accompanied with chronic depression, self-inflicted cutting injuries, paranoid delusions, and desperate attachment issues to her boyfriends that she eventually pushed away through her own neurotic behavior.  This situation is obviously difficult enough for anyone to be exposed to, but when she secretly threw anti-depressants, tranquilizers, and liquor into the volatile mix, all her rage and insecurities became more introverted.

At first, my family noticed a pleasant change in Lauren’s behavior as she became calmer and more lethargic.  I remember the feeling of relief that we could finally let our guard down around my stepsister without worry for saying the wrong word causing her to blow a gasket.  The truth was that behind closed doors, Lauren was literally drowning out her emotional extremes with alcohol and pills.  We started to realize the severity of her addiction when we noticed cut marks on her arms and legs.  After that, I remember hearing the doorbell ring one night, opening it, and finding Lauren face down almost comatose in our front yard with her friends speeding off in the distance down the street.  Her substance abuse and mental condition had become so bad that her friends could not even deal with it that night and just left her near lifeless body on our front lawn.  We brought her to the hospital, and she was lucky that she survived.

After Lauren returned home safely from the hospital, we confronted her about her dangerous addiction and other underlying issues.  We gave her the ultimatum to get help or get out because we were not going to sit around and watch her die.  At this time, we were still in the dark about the true extent of her substance abuse and destructive and hopeless beliefs on life.

We fortunately found Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches when we did a search online.  When we contacted you, your representative informed us that my stepsister really needed dual diagnosis treatment.  Lauren agreed to go to your dual diagnosis residential treatment program in Florida last month. Lauren returned home a few days ago from her Florida dual diagnosis treatment and is a completely different person than the one who left here a month ago!

Since she has returned home she has not talked too much about everything yet. She has said several times that Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches saved her life without question.  Her general happiness has honestly increased 100 fold! My family would like to thank you and your dual diagnosis treatment center for saving Lauren from her own inner demons.