1 Month and Counting

While playing football in college I got injured and had a broken shoulder and a compressed disc in my spine.  The team doctor prescribed me Vicodin and Oxycontin for the pain which never quite subsided, and for the last couple of years Ive been refilling, abusing, and eventually selling my own painkillers.  Here in Ohio we have a ton of pain mills so it’s not that hard to get painkillers, but I think I heard they just outlawed them. Throughout that time I have also been prescribed Soma, Percocet, and even Xanax for my anxiety disorder.  I would find connections occasionally to trade the medication I do have with other kinds to sell, and do whatever else I could do to expand my repertoire of prescription drugs.  Needless to say, everyone was calling me up around the clock for whatever fix they needed.  While I had the great fortune of missing out on being arrested or serving jail time during this phase, I could not escape the clutches of prescription pill and painkiller addiction.

I had everything I wanted at this time.  Eventually all the money, popularity, party girls, and cornucopia of all the prescription drugs to deal and use just proved to be too much to handle.  I became so immersed in my own reckless drug use that I began to lose my grip on my inner self and reality. One by one I lost everyone and everything good that I had going for me until I was left with only my addiction and my painkillers.  Six months went by of me existing as a reclusive hermit, holed up in my apartment with no more visitors. My basic human desire for food and water was replaced with only the incessant question of how to get more drugs to feed my craving.  At some time during these lost months, a family member stopped by my apartment to check up on me and found me face down on the kitchen floor.  They thought I was dead, and I might have been if they came much later.  The doctors said I overdosed and my body was shutting down from a combination of Percocet, Vicodin, and alcohol. This was the one wakeup call that reset the circuit breaker in my mind, and I made a decision to get help as soon as possible.

I knew I had to ask for help as soon as possible before the shock of the whole situation wore off and my addiction got the better of me. I contacted a Pain Medication Addiction site that referred me to Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches who specialize in pain medication addiction treatment. The rehab facility was really nice and the beautiful sunny Florida climate was also a welcome change from our Ohio weather too. The relaxed and tranquil atmosphere really put me in the right frame of mind and I easily bonded with several other rehab guests that were addicted to painkillers too. Your staff was great and treated us like equals. All of the advice and lifestyle training showed me how to live a substance free life.  Listening to some of the staffs own personal struggles and how they too have overcome their own prescription drug addictions made us all believe that we could too.

Today marks the end of my first month clean and sober since I left Behavioral Health.

Thank you!