Holistic Alcohol Rehab

It’s unfortunate to see a person complete a residential alcohol treatment program only to fall into relapse a short time later, but this is often the reality of an incomplete or poorly managed rehab. Recovering from alcoholism or any form of addiction requires change from the inside out. By focusing on complete health of the mind, body and soul, the holistic alcohol rehab program at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches prepares patients for long-term success.

Break Free from Alcoholism

As much as we love working with our patients, our goal is for them to only enter our rehab facility once. We believe that our combination of nurturing therapy sessions, spiritual exploration, fitness activities and our warm and welcoming environment provide the optimal conditions for complete and permanent recovery.

Self-Awareness Leads to Self-Control

One of the largest benefits of our holistic treatments is the spiritual exploration and soul-searching it requires. People suffering from alcohol addiction have often forgotten who they were before substance abuse took hold. They’ve allowed addiction to define them.

Our holistic program incorporates mindfulness as a tool to help patients overcome addiction. The result is a deeper personal understanding of who they are and who they want to be. Empowered by getting to know themselves all over again, recovering patients are able to power forward in treatment knowing that alcohol doesn’t define them and doesn’t have to control them.

Spiritual therapy enables patients to focus on something much bigger than themselves, be it God, nature, the universe, etc. Once a patient is in touch with who they are on the inside, they are better able to control their urges on the outside. This is the type of balanced healing that leads to prolonged success.

Learn to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

A terrible side-effect of alcoholism is the way addicts allow their bodies and health to deteriorate. They become so focused on feeding their addiction that proper nutrition and regular exercise fall by the wayside. Our rehab program is committed to improving our patients’ physical conditions and in educating them in how to maintain their health post-treatment

Once a person begins to care about their physical appearance, health conditions and the things they’re putting in their body, they’re less likely to fall back into substance abuse. We strive to make health among the highest priorities for our patients.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab for Long-Lasting Results

We believe the best way to prevent relapse is for patients to first heal emotionally during rehabilitation. They need to come to terms with the decisions they’ve made, the people they’ve hurt and the life changes they want to make going forward. This process is impossible without looking inside oneself. Our therapists are committed to promoting the type of self-reflection that leads to change.

Holistic alcohol rehab addresses the physiological, psychological and spiritual damage caused by prolonged alcohol abuse. Begin your healing from the inside out with our holistic remedies. Call (888) 432-2467 to learn more about our holistic options.