Florida Substance Abuse Treatment

Because of our use of evidence-based practices in conjunction with our compassionate patient care, we have become a recognized leader for providing Florida substance abuse treatment. Our behavioral-based approach to treatment examines both the physical complications of substance abuse as well as the root causes. We place a high premium on treating the individual and believe that that is the only way to truly guide patients toward total recovery. Once we’re able to ascertain where a patient has been and how large of a role substance abuse has played in the deterioration of their quality of life, we use rehab as an opportunity to completely reconstruct their lives and change the way they look at drugs and alcohol.

Expert, Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment

In an effort to provide patients with the very best treatment, we incorporate a number of critical and distinguishing elements, including:

  • A highly published, respected, and award-winning research department
  • Safe, compassionate, and professional clinical detox to restore patients’ health and keep them motivated toward recovery
  • Focused, individualized treatment programs which include innovative specialized treatment therapies
  • Extended care programs for patients who require extra assistance adjusting to a sober life
  • Extensive aftercare resources for alumni to help them maintain success during and after their treatment
  • Comfortable, first-class accommodations

We also provide substance abuse intervention services to families who desperately need to place their addicted loved one into a treatment program. Our comprehensive approach has helped us successfully treat thousands of patients.

We Believe in Special Treatment for Every Patient

We’ve developed Florida substance abuse treatment for every type of patient. Although it is recommended for patients to enter residential treatment whenever possible, we’ve also developed an intensive outpatient treatment program for individuals who find it logistically impossible to take the time to complete an inpatient program. Outpatient care is also a viable option for patients who have not yet fallen into addiction but are on the verge of dependency due to a prolonged and unaddressed course of drug or alcohol abuse.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches realizes that the recovery process is the beginning of a new life for patients and works to make sure they have all the assistance they need to build a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Whether speaking about our highly respected research department, our clinically supervised detox, the individualized care each of our patients receives or our continuing aftercare services to prevent relapse, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches can help. We offer world-class medical professionals and a comprehensive healing approach to help you or your loved one overcome substance abuse.

If you’re ready to change your life or your loved one’s life, contact us at (888) 432-2467 to get started today!